Nature: Prelacy
Associated Arcanum: Mind
Sponsoring Exarch: The Unity
Favored Ministry: Hegemonic

Crown of Obligation

1.Every Soul’s Whisper: No untrained penalty on social skill use. If has dots in it, rolling it gets +1
2.Exalted Will: When fulfilling Vice you can choose to get 1 Mana per Mind dot, instead of 1 WP.
3.Higher Passion: Choose additional Vice, get benefits as if had that too. Resistance trait vs mental control gets +2

Sword of Obligation

1.Command the Sleeping Masses: Mind spell on non-template sleeper has Spell Factors as if had +1 dot in Mind
2.Unity of the Throne: Mind spells get Rote Quality when cast on Seers with ''mystery commands''
3.Tame the Inconstant Lie: Mind spells treat target's Power Trait as if -1 dot per extra M spent, to max -1 per Mind dot

Temple of Obligation

●Countering or dispelling Mind spells of Seers is Vulgar & gets +(Temple dots) on Paradox pool
●Seers get +(Temple dots) on all dice pools based on Social Attributes, both mundane AND magical

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