Nature: Seer Mage
Path: Moros
Ministry: Praetorian
Legacy: Bokor
Pylon: The Monopoly of Violence
Sanctum: Pankrác Prison
Tetrarchy: Bohemia
Position: Warmaster
First Involvement: 1.1 "Opening Gambits" - Sent a SWAT team after Dian Cecht

Description: A man who seems calm and quiet in behavior, but just happens to "outsource" his violent reprisals to the army of criminal thugs standing by to rip out the tongue of anyone who happens to displease Nergal, the man ultimately in charge of the martial activities of the Bohemia Tetrarchy.

Within his cell within his pylon's prison-sanctum, where he's serving a lifetime sentence, he has all the time in the world to contemplate tactics, read through reports, and train promising new inmates in the ways of crime, violence, and obedience to the Pyramid.

After all: In lots of places in the world, being sent to prison is considered leveling up in your criminal career. That's what he's counting on. People who get sent to prison, he sees that as them having 'potential', but having been too dim to not get caught. So he takes them in, makes them harder & more heartless, but with backup system & bosses that'll keep them out of being arrested in future. Getting lots of skills training and networking, forgetting how to do more sensible jobs, and so on.

He's got 'arrangement' set up with law enforcement & higher-ups in the system to get any pentacle mages stupid enough to try and break in to get at him auto-labelled as horrible terrorists, enemies of society, wanted by police. Suddenly, they're on the news as the people who're wanted by interpol for mass murder, and who broke out of prison hours ago, now having faked documents attesting they were sentenced & sent there years ago.

He sees it more like politician who lives in a remote mansion, so others have to come to him when they want stuff, while what he needs is brought to him by others. Why live elsewhere? Here he has absolute privacy, enforced by state-employed guards, and is free from all the usual distractions of mundane life.

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