FORCES-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Read Matrices 1 Wits + Occ p163 Mage Sight & see all types of radiation
Nightsight 1 Wits + Surv p163 (See in darkness & low light conditions)
Influence Sound 1 Int + Occ p163 (Redirect sound, move it around)
Influence Electricity 2 Dex + Ath p165 (move electricity around, even at targets)
Influence Fire 2 Str + Ath p166 (make fire burn in direction you want)
Kinetic Blow 2 Str+Brw/Wpn p166 (make B weapon deal L dmg)
Unseen Shield 2 Sta + Occ p167 Mage Armor (grants Armor Rating 2)
Turn Projectile 3 Dex + Ath dodge Alter the trajectory of a small airborne item
MIND-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Aura Perception 1 Wits + Emp p205 See emotional states as colored auras
Emotional Urging 2 Man + Emp vsCom+G (Alter the emotional state of others)
Incognito Presence 2 Wits + Subt p208 (make self less noticeable)
Mental Shield 2 Res + Occ p208 Armor vs psi-effects & pierce hallucinations
Provoke Wrath 3 Man + Pers SotTp193 (Overwhelm target's ability to stay calm)
PRIME-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Transform Aura 1? Int + Occ p223
Activate Enchanted Item 2 Int + Inv - ''Hotwire'' item, bypass required triggers
Counterspell Prime 2 Com + Occ dodge,1M Give casting of ANY spell –1 sux per sux
Nature: Proximus Dynasty
Parent Path: Obrimos
Patron: Praetorian Ministry
Arcana: Forces, Mind, Prime
Nicknames: Kindlers, Spearmen, Achilleans
Oblations: Based on drilling w traditional grecian weapons & re-affirming their oaths to the Exarch

Curse: Must obey all orders given in the Oath-Tongue (2-dot merit), even ones considered suicidal.

Description: Since time immemorial, The General has been served by a line of Proximi, a dynasty of not-quite human Sleepwalkers as drawn to violence and strife as violence and strife are drawn to them. They have served her fanatically since her Ascension, and he commands them to serve his earthly servants in his stead. They have no choice in the matter, for the oaths their ancestors took in Atlantis bind their souls. In ancient times, they were the loyal warriors of the Daidochi, but command of the dynasty has now passed to Praetorian. For their legendary obedience and martial skills, they are named Myrmidons.

The Myrmidons maintain their own safe houses, conduct their own secret rituals to which the Praetorians are not invited and keep their own histories. There are enough scions of the dynasty to avoid inbreeding, and marriages are carefully arranged by the dynastic elders to keep the bloodline pure. Violence and obedience are in a Myrmidon’s blood; a true-bred Myrmidon is trained and drilled from an early age in the use of weapons and jos in-born powers.


Their powers are not restricted to combat, though they do excel at it — Myrmidons provoke and inspire violence and hate in those around them. Praetorians use them as rabble-rousers, directing their Myrmidon allies to spark violence in peaceful mass protests, inspire hate for opposing views and provoke frightened communities into becoming lynch mobs braying for the blood of the different.

Myrmidons can pass for ordinary humans, but share certain physical signs. Their features are harsh, with square jaws, wide mouths and heavy foreheads (“beetle brows”). Their hair is thick and feels strange to the touch, fibrous like chitin. And then there is the smell; Myrmidons give off a faint odor of formic acid.


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