Multispatial Perception


Mage Core p.237


The mage can scry multiple locations simultaneously.

Arcanum: Space ●●●
Practice: Unveiling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

One location can be scryed per success. The mage catches only a glance at each location. If he concentrates on details at one location, he notices less of what’s going on at others (–2 dice penalty on any perception rolls to not notice things of note). The mage uses his weakest sympathetic connection (the one with the highest spellcasting penalty) when casting this spell. If one place is Intimately known (–2) but another has only been Described (–10), the spell suffers the higher –10 penalty. If the mage wishes to focus intently on more than one location at once, he must use the Mind 1 One Mind, Two Thoughts spell, or the Mind 3 Multi-Tasking spell, to multitask on that level.


Free Council Rote: Spatial Collage
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Investigation + Space

This rote enables a Council willworker to glimpse multiple locations simultaneously. While he might have some difficulty processing what he sees without the Mind Arcanum, he is definitely able to notice any obviously strange occurrences, and anything blatantly out of place in familiar locations.

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