Disciple of Time, Apprentice of Mind, Initiate of Fate

Nature: Seer of the Throne & Player Character
Path: Acanthus
Ministry: Praetorian
Dynasty: Daedalians
Pylon: Helping Hands Consortium
Familiar: Baskerville
Mentor: Porlock
Pity the Child - Chess
Can I Play With Madness - Iron Maiden

Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes and leap!




Real name: Jaša Kolar
Age: 19
Born: (1995?)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Grey
Body: Slim
Clothing: Cubicle work
Occuptation:Consultant at Valkyrie Security
Spirit Animal: Dog


Notable Gear

Path Tool: Tarot card, Ace of Pentacles (Coin)
Order Tool: (skimask?)
Arcanum Tools:

Magic Items:
●Basic field-manual grimoire
Hat of Violence
Pamphlet of Sin
Ring of Gyges
Tinfoil Hat
Littlest Lockpicks

Requisitioned Gear:
Ghost-Killing Bullets
Super Stylish Suit
Astrally Stabilized Pistol (.45 autoloader)


Magical Style

Concept: "Gamester"
Favored Arcana:Time, ●Mind.
Favored Practices:Knowing, ●Ruling, ●Perfecting.
Optimal Attribute:Manipulation.
Unique Benefit: +1 on (non-attack) spells cast on other people, provided they don't know or notice you've affected them, and it's part of a scheme.
Example Equipment: Play pieces from chess, checkers, go, and other tactical games; Playing cards (marked and unmarked); reference charts of probability calculations, or notes on famous chess matches.


Known Merits

●High Speech 1 (free for all mages with Order membership)
●Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 3
●Infernal Familiar (Baskerville) 3
●Mentor (Porlock) 3
●Status (Seers) 1
●Status (Ministry) 1
●Sanctum 2
●Multilingual (English, Russian) 1
●Armory (Handguns) 2
●Enhanced Item 1 (Lockpicks)
●Quick-draw (Pistols) 1
●Style: Fast-talking 2
●Area of expertise (Backstab) 1
●Status (Valkyrie Security) 1
●Staff (Larceny) 1 [security thieves]


Political Influence

Rating: 2 dot
Agent: Vladislav Pakiz
Pro Boxer: Brawl 1 - Washed-up hasbeen who now mostly drink and reminiscence on the good old days.
Ex-army sniper: Firearms 3 (4) - Runs a firing range on the outskirts of town, and might be joining up with a hunter group after "accidentaly" shooting a lady that turned to spiders.
Freelance Lobbyist: Politics 4 - Lady from an Iranian immigrant family who found the private political climate more to her liking when a regular political career didnt work out.
Political pundit: Expression 2 - Right-wing pundit and radio-show host.
Security people: Larceny 1 - Thieves realizing it is more lucrative and legal if one calls the break-ins "Investigations".



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