"The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments,
with emperors, kings and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere
their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments’ plans.
–Benjamin Disraeli

Nature: Mage organizations
Faction: Pyramid

The Great Ministries
SeersoftheThroneTransparent.gif Ministry%20Logo%20-%20Hegemonic.png Ministry%20Logo%20-%20Panopticon.png Ministry%20Logo%20-%20Praetorian.png Ministry%20Logo%20-%20Paternoster.png
NAME Hegemonic Panopticon Praetorian Paternoster
Members Hegemons Watchers Soldiers Hierodules
Exarch The Unity The Eye The General The Father
Arcanum Mind Space Forces Prime
Prelacy Obligation Vision Fury Doctrine
Subsidized Allies Contacts Enhanced Item Library
Servitors Hive-Souled Grigori Myrmidons Hollow Ones
Rote Skills ●Politics
Known Lesser Ministries
SeersoftheThroneTransparent.gif Ministry%20Logo%20-%20Mammon.png Ministry%20Logo%20-%20Pantechnicon.png Ministry%20Logo%20-%20Thanatoic.png
NAME Mammon Pantechnicon Thanatoic
Members Mammonites Pantechnics Thanatoics
Exarch The Chancellor The Psychopomp
Arcanum Matter Death
Prelacy Scarcity Finality
Subsidized Imbued Item ? ?
Servitors Homunculus ? ?
Rote Skills ●Crafts
● Investigation
● Occult
● Persuasion


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