Masters of Destruction

Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Moros
Parent Order: Seers of the Throne
Arcana: Death (Primary), Matter (Secondary)
Nicknames: Destroyers

Suggested Oblations: Repairing, servicing or destroying any complex object or device.
Concepts: Freelance criminal, destructive mystic, mechanic, architect, anarchist.


1.Gaze of Weakness: Seen item loses 1 Durblty/sux, but not Struct. Wits+Weap+Death, as ''Decay''.
Matter 1: Examine item to know function & build, as ''craftsman's eye'' & ''find the hidden hoard''.
2.Falling to Dust: Seen item gets 1Agg per sux >Durability. Wits+Weap+Death, as ''destroy object''.
Matter 3: Make touched item soft as v. stiff clay for 1 hour, on max Durblty=Matter, as ''plasticity''.
3.Ghostly Intrusion: Step in & out of ''Underworld'' (?!?) as Instant action, as per ''Twilight Shift''.
Matter 4: Attainment-destroying an item ignores Dur & leaves nothing behind, as ''annihilate matter''.


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