Mana Bowl

Nature: Imbued Item (●●●●●)
Mana Capacity: 11
First Encountered: 2.2 "The Heart of Man / Choosing Sides"; Part of payment for the Eye of The Arkhitekton

Description: A simple yet elegant silver bowl, containing what looks like shimmering, crystal-clear water.

Effect: If placed within a Hallow it automatically activates when that location generates its daily Mana. It must be no further from the center than 5 yards per dot of the Hallow's rating. It uses the Prime 3 "Channel Mana" spell, with a dice pool equal to (owner's Gnosis +3), transferring 1 dram of Mana into itself per success.

This is converted to a water-like liquid that slowly fills the bowl more and more, until it's about to spill over just as the item's Mana Capacity is reached. While it might seem like normal water, this liquid isn't actually a material substance, and won't pour out of the bowl, even if it's held upside down. Those who drink of it receive some of the bowl's mana into themselves, based on how much they choose to imbibe.

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