Ministry of Mammon
Mammon, the least erected Spirit that fell
from Heaven; for even in Heaven his looks & thoughts
were always downward bent, admiring more
the riches of heaven's pavement, trodden gold,
than aught divine or holy.
—John Milton, Paradise Lost
Nature: Mage Organization
Faction: Pyramid
Status: Lesser Ministry
Patron Exarch: The Chancellor
Favored Prelacy: Scarcity
Arcanum Specialty: Matter
Focus: Materialism, wealth & poverty, money & commerce, greed & envy, luxury, decadence, capitalism, ''old money'', corporations, exploitation (sweatshops & slavery), debt, stock markets

Money money money - ABBA
Kursiv - Trang Fødsel

Info: One of the many 'lesser' ministries, not one of the Four Great Ministries with truly globe-spanning Tetrarchies, though know to be among the most powerful of these groups, possibly on the cusp of usurping that high position by unseating one of the current ones.

View on Sleepers

The maverick would-be usurper, closing on the staggering Hegemonic Ministry, Mammon’s Seers prefer Sleepers who work with and encourage the reliance upon and proliferation (though not necessarily spread) of material wealth. Fortunately for them, they’ve got very nearly the Fallen World’s entire population to work with. That said, Mammon Seers prefer to employ those Sleepers who can enhance their own profits, while pushing systems of valuation upon various commodities, whether tangible or ephemeral. The most powerful and thriving industries draw servants of the Chancellor like flies to carrion – oil, tobacco, technology, diamonds, and such – as do the Sleepers involved and invested in such industries. Illegal vice trades are also vast economies unto themselves and attract the attention of such Seers, who pick up Sleeper servants at all stages of the process. Naturally, Mammon is also in the process of seizing global banking from Hegemonic and all of its ancillary industries (which are numerous, indeed), and it also actively recruits Sleepers as servants from all of these fields.



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Mammon Mages

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