Maleficent's Plot Descriptions


2.3 When A Plan Comes Together

Maleficent joins the Pylon, and buys the Klopman diamond to prove that she is a member of the Ministry of Mammon.
The pylon travels to Konopiště Chateau, the place where the bullet that killed Franz Ferdinand is kept, with the intention to steal the bullet, but after looking around the place, we end up sending our agents to steal the security cameras instead, and sell this information to the Van Helsing Initiative. In return for this they owe us a favour, gave us a werewolf pelt and Typhon got a Luger used by a german officer to kill someone during WW2. Our agents also picked up a trident that might be imbuned with magical power.

We meet Jante, who tells us of the upcoming election in January, and informs us that we have been commanded by the Dominus of Prague to help make the sleepers think it matters, and that we will be working under the Watchdogs of Decency, and cooperating with the Pantheon of Hollow Dreams. He also informs us that strictly off the books, the Panopticon ministry will look favourably on us if we can give them exclusive information about any Silver ladder conspiracies trying to gain influence under the election, and that Mammon might reward us if we harm the agenda of the Pantechnicon ministry.


2.4 Give Us Our Daily Bread & Circuses

2.4.1 (08.11.2014)

Moriarty returns from his Praetorian training camp where he learned to backstab people more efficiently, and meet Maleficent for the second time.

We are informed over phone that the first project meeting will be held in a middle class hotel, and that we are expected to attend. At the meeting, we meet the Pantheon of Hollow Dreams and Bowdler, Wertham and Alan Smithee from the Watchdogs of Decency. We are told that a group of experts on public opinion and belief are being brought in from Germany, and that we will cooperate with them. They are: Jakob Mierscheid (a politician), Friedrich Nagelmann (a lawyer) and Edmund F. Dräcker (a diplomat).

We are given tasks for the first month:

At the end of the meeting Orwell get a secret mission from Panopticon, Moriarty is offered and accepts an intro package into the Goetic arts from an unknown party, and we arrange a drinking night with the Pantheon of Hollow Dreams.

After that, we unleash the Zaporozhets on a group of thugs that were trying to kill Mellie Malone, a private investigator that Dian were trying to recruit. This leads to one of them awakening.


2.4.2 (22.11.2014)

The name of the thug we awakened last session is Kazimír Làska (kazic "to destroy" combined with mer "great" or mir "peace". Làska means love in Czech).
Orwell, Maleficent and Typhon do a less than stellar job of introducing him to the world of magic, and Dian ends up having to fix their mess. Kazimír is now in our hospital as a patient with fake paperwork.

The Pylon tries to figure out what sort of things the people in Prague care about to find hot topics for the election:

  • EU: To use the Euro or not? Nasjonal identity, to be a modern western nation or an east block country?
  • Weak goverment: The parliament fails to produce working coalitions. Nobody want's to cooperate with the communists. Nothing gets done and all attempts at reforming the system have failed or made the problem even worse. The politicians are arguing about who is going to be in charge, not what they should do. People are loosing confidence in the system.
  • Corruption: Corruption is everywhere, and people are starting to get tired of it.
  • Copyright and piracy: Young people care the most, but it is not a real topic yet.
  • Privacy and surveilance: Young people care the most here.
  • Racism: Slovacs are sometimes seen as hillbillies, religious and backwards.
  • Secession: There are some people in the regions of the Czech republic that wants to seccede like Slovakia did.
  • LGBT rights: Gay marriage not yet legal. Young people care the most
  • Organized crime: It is everywhere.

We have a social night with the Pantheon of Hollow Dreams that ends with all of the young people hooking up with someone, while the old geezers end up staying in the bar talking to each other. Warhol suggests that the two pylons enter a magically binding legal agreement to not backstabb each other. Orwell wakes up in the Hall of Fame, the Pantheons sanctum.

The day after we visit Porlock in the park to ask him for advice on how to brainwash Kazimír into being a double agent for us in the Pentacle. Our current plan is to file the paperwork for being the official handlers of him so we don't have to pay for the brainwashing, and try to make him infiltrate the free council.

Orwell, Dian and Maleficent tell Porlock their real names so he can give us advice on how to track down several Silver Ladder conspiracies. He tells us to send our minions and assets to infiltrate:

  • The education ministry, headmasters, etc. The ones with previously sick families. We are told which people to investigate.
  • Street level police: Find idealists who believe in what they are doing. Join or pretend to join the police.
  • Smuggling: Based on prague. Uses the waterways. Smuggles drugs, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Real estate: Sisterhood of old, wise, upperclass rich housewives that are more than they seem. Trinity, moon godess, Lunar. We get which neighborhood and what they speculate in. We are told when and where we should go and spy on them.
  • Local oldschool theologists, Golem of prague, etc: We are told a time and place for when to spy on them. The graveyard besides an old jewish synagoge. Or to go to a spesific library and check the loan card of a spesific book.
  • International bussinesses, traders, venture capitalists, etc. that tries to influence policy: Send send an agent that are or can fake being an executive officer with a suitcase of money to a spesific boardroom in a given time and place.

We also ask how we can find out which Proximus dynasties that are involved: We are told to start scrutinizing politicians, their aides and helpers, their families, etc. Also to use interconnection on them.

Porlock becomes very worried interested when Dian tells him about the time he was invited to play chess with three sides.

Orwell asks the Exarchs how he can find an Azlu. He sees a vision himself being a ghostbusters in a full jumpsuit with a proton pack and everything, with Dian leading the way through a Kafkaesque district filled with soulless people with the spirit arcanum before he and everyone else are eaten by spider creatures.

Maleficent asks the Exarchs how she can screw over the Pantechnicon. She gets a vision of an empty road under dawn. She sees herself as a wolf, grabbing the guy we hit with a car (presumably Kazimír Làska), putting him on a plate and gluing a lot of microchips on him. Then Maleficent puts him on the road with a "Free" sign. A high tech car zooms stopps, pick him up and zoom away. The wolf looks at a clock counting down, and as the timer hits zero, there is a huge mushrom cloud in the distance. Then it walks over the finish line and receives a prize and a diploma.


3 Whom Do You Serve?

3.1 Cleanup & Housekeeping (part 2)


Date: 01.12.2014
Moriarty goes on a date with Monroe, and after a night in the city, he wakes up in bed with the princess turned into a frog (specifically, a woman called "Jean") and an angry german person shouting at him. It turns out the germans arrived at a different time than Monroe expected, and they have apparently been waiting outside in the rain for a while.

Moriarty, Dian and Maleficent considers what will happen if we sign the contract against backstabbing with the Pantheon of Hollow Dreams, and decide to see what will happen to us as a consequence of signing the contract.

Maleficent's future: Things are hazy and hard to see. Hear a telepathic command, "Kill Maleficent". LaterAt that moment there is a social arrangement in a run downan old and cluttered appartment. Cobain and Maleficent are listening to music, drinking some wine, and having a private & intimate celebration of New Year's Eve. Cobain pulls out a gun hidden under some books and points it at Maleficent while her eyes are closed. But he grimaces, doing it slowly, and soon sweat starts dripping down his face and his his arm trembles as if under a great strain. Through gritted teeth he tells her to run/get out of there. Once she's safely away he manages, through what seems to be enormous difficulty & great effort, to point the gun at himself instead, and then he pulls the trigger. Moriarty was very vague on the details when he told the others about what he saw.

When Moriarty tries to do the same to Dian, we get distracted by searching for a chessboard with red pieces, but we'll get back to that in a bit.

Dian's future: Moriarty sees a vision where the Pantheon appears to backstab us, but it turns out they instead backstab someone else. (Four women, one clad in green, one in a pirate outfit)


Maleficent checks the closet Sanctum to see if she can find a chessboard with red pieces. She finds one with black and white pieces, and red paint. Time magic tells us it was placed in the closet only minutes before we checked. We immediatly drop everything we were doing and starts scrutinizing the pieces, the board, each other and our familiars.

What we end up learning: The chessboard is a chimerical item, with roses carved into it. It is foreshadowing, ominous, a message or hint of things to come. It is "projected" from the astral by a cultural archetype/icon with an astral numen. Not a religious or dreamtime. Dian had the same caster ID as the chessboard.

When Dian is told this, he starts talking to the white queen, and she starts talking back. He have a long conversation with the thing that came from inside his own head.

"I don't think it is possible to change a red piece back". Fate Sight goes pling.


Maleficent checks if anything bad will happen if she paints the white king red, and since it don't appear to do so, she paints it red. Moriarty then does a divination on the Red King.

"What will the Red King do when it wakes up?": A song starts playing. There is a crimson dawn. The sun rises up, the sky turns red. The sleep ends when the king wakes, and so the dream is over.

"What does the red king look like?": Specifically not human. Very not. Nothing human. Like being in an ocean and a huge iseland rises out of the the sea. Immensely huge. Like a human is to an ant. Not literally, an approximation. More akin to a geographical feature, like the himalayan mountain range: too big to be understood or seen in its entirety. We are asking the wrong question, like "what does bethoven's 9th symphony smell like".

Repeated comparisons and references to Uluru.

There is a circle of humongous rubies hovering around / over the top of it's "head", floating there like the components of a weightless Stonehenge, seeming to glow with a blood-like fiery hue when illuminated by the dawnlight, reminding the viewer of some titanic and cyclopean crown.


Dian ends up telling us about the snakes living inside his head, and we suspect they might have come from the Tablets of Mamud Saĝ du. It is probably these snakes who manifested the chess board.

"Mamud Saĝ du" du means something like "The dream begotten/begetters" / "Makers of the dream" / "those made of/by the dream". It sounds suspiciously similiar to "The Dreamborn", astral creatures that suposedly existed before mankind, and who (some believe) dreamed parts of the world into existence?1. If so, it could imply a connection to the legacy called "The Dreamspeakers"2, who have a unique relationship to the Dreamborn, often serving as a sort of "intermediaries" between these beings and the human race.

We also realise that there seem to be a connection to Through the looking glass

Maleficent summons Mack and Mike into a pair of snake plushies bought from a nearby store. We figure out that they claim to represent the Pentacle and Pyramid ("So I'm the four while he's the five". Four Greater Ministries, five Atlantean Orders3).


Date: 16.01.2015
Moriarty checks Orwells future to see what will happen as a consequence of signing the contract about not backstabbing the Pantheon:
Orwell's future: Moriarty sees a very painfull and awkward conversation between Orwell and Presley. Presley shows Orwell a mail he have gotten, which tells him to give the sender info about the helping hands and biosamples, else both Orwell and Presley's families will be informed he sleeps with boys. Moriarty can never burn the photographic and video evidence from his mind. It will happen in the second phase of the project, probably in a month or so.

Spider busting: The pylon helps Orwell with hunting down a speciment for a Panopticon project he is participating in.
The pylon drives around prague at random using Fate, with Dian looking for a very strong gauntlet. We find one in a lower class appartment district, which Dian says was off the scale. Everyone have trouble caring and feeling things, and Dian get a splitting headache which he treats with some morphine. We entered one of the appartment buildings, and choose the right appartment at random. There was a tired looking housewife living inside the room, who closes the door on us. Moriarty pushes Maleficent into the door, and the lady explodes into a horrible spider monstrosity that savages and kills her. Moriarty turns back time. We retreat, glare at Orwell for not giving us proper information, do research, ask the exarchs for advice, requisition industrial strenght vacum cleaners and put several snipers into position. The sniper shoots the housewife, who explodes into a bunch of tiny spiders, which Maleficent and Moriarty vacums up. We give the real spider monster to the panopticon, and keep the rest in our sanctum.

We look through the remains inside the housewife's room, and grab:

  • Orwell grabs a wedding ring with positive emotional value, the ring mattered to someone
  • Maleficent grabs a bunch of jewelry with diamonds
  • Orwell finds Slider (tallstav) with mystical power. It is old, well taken care of. There's a chip on one of the edges. Nature: Relic. Quality: Valor, dedication, diligence. Composition: Perfecting, simple but wildly applicable. Fraying/shielding, defensive attacks.

Then we make the arrangements for singing the contract with the Pantheon.


Date: friday 23.01.2015
Maleficent tries to find out where she can buy a Doomomeeter. She arranges an appointment with Croesus, who is a deputy assistant to Mammons Treasurer in Boehmia, during bussiness hours.

Moriarty makes arrangement for his spider shocked sniper joining a hunter group with the help of Sigurd Fåvnesbane of the Van Helsing initiative, in exchange for Moriarty occasionally using the group to do missions for the VHI. Sigurd have an eagle or other bird of prey as a familiar.

Dian takes over Maslows old security guard asset.

"I'm in a training program, it's called life" Fate goes PLING. "Then who is training us?"

Contract signing: We meet up in the same hotel where we got the briefing for the project. Eshu?, the consultant Facilitator that Warhol called in to write the contract is here.

We discover some new things about how the Pyramid is organized in Bohemia:
Ombudsman: The people in charge of keeping track of Pylons. They can be reached by the Quirinus. The Quirinus run the Ombudsmen department jointly, with the Panopticon Quirinus having the tiebreaker.

We then discuss the project with the Pantheon:
Dian is in charge of counter espionage to find out who is behind the blackmail attempt on Presley and the mind control of Cobain. We decide to not tell Presley and Cobain about what is going to happen to them, but inform Warhol and Monroe. We get permission to use magic on Cobain to figure out who is behind the mind controlling and stopping them.

We divide the tasks of who is going to spy on which pentacle conspiracy:

  • Pantheon: Education
  • Moriarty: Street cops
  • Dian: Smuggling
  • Orwell: Loony ladies
  • Maleficent: International bussiness and old school theologists.

Monroe mentions that there will be a meeting with the Germans when the project hits phase 2.

Moriarty checks the future: "When will I next meet spider monsters". In 6-10 months.

Maleficent goes to the library and borrows the book Porlock mentioned being associated with the oldschool theologists conspiracy. Hopefully she didn't join another strange cult or something.

3.1.4 We deal with Kazimir

Date: friday 30.01.2015

We start investigating the smuggling conspiracy, which turns out to be called the Ying Yang Inversion lodge?, who acts as advisors to the other smugglers. Supposedly have someone with prophetic dreams.

Then we finally remmember to deal with Kazimir Laska, which it turns out we had put of for way to long. While we had been ignoring him, Kazimir had grown in magical power terrifyingly quick for someone who had received no training from any other mages. After Moriarty is badly hurt from trying to look at Kazimirs future, we give him a lot of fancy tech gadgets and send him to an apple store, which ends in a serious veil breach and several casualties. Now he's the pantechnicon's problem.

After that, our Pylon meets with Croesus, and we buy a doomometer, googles that let us analyze magic objects, a diamond monocle and information about who owned the tablets of Mamud sag du before us. In exchange, we gave them information about the most recent veil breach in town, 3 fate or time spell of disciple strength or lower and that we give them the right to buy "mundane" magic items before we offer them to anyone else. Maleficent also inquires about if it would be possible for them to help her to get into old money.

Maleficent asks the Chancellor what she can do to please the Chancellor:

3.1.5 We start doing our jobs

Date: friday 06.02.2015
Date in game is around 22. november, 7-10 days left of phase one of the project.

We look at our magical items.
Book of life:

Orwell sprays Maleficent with the Mammon spray, so now Money is grimoires for her as well.

Project work:
Orwell and Presley starts digging up dirt on politicians.
Dian starts looking for a gay rights activist, and go to a movie festival to recruit him. Maleficent notices he is dead drunk during the night.
Maleficent gets her movie studio to start producing human interest stories.
Moriarty finds a dark horse, a female politician who says things that might be true but isn't tactical. She also have a girlfriend.
Moriarty helps Monroe find out who fed her false info about the Germans, Applied Solutions.


3.2.1 We go on a house visit

Date: Thursday 12.02.2015
We visit Kazimirs appartment, and discover that he might have awakened to the Abaddon watchtower, which is bad news.


Date: friday 20.02.2015

Maleficents goes on a dreamquest for the sword of Obligation prelacy.
Dian looks for a guardian spirit and discovers that he is dead after sundown, but even this don't shut him up.
Orwell and Moriarty goes to the loony lady party. Moriarty impresses the guests with his gayness and Orwell uses magic to fake being a charitable person.


Date: Saturday 28.02.2015

Maleficent makes a soulstone.
We meet the Phantom toolboth and leases the Earring of Orpheus for Dian, and in return helps them investigate a haunted house. We also track down and stop the Preyhound we release in the process.

Maleficent's asset finally manages to infiltrate the boardroom conspiracy: The Champions of capitalism. They are a group of business magnates who try to promote capitalism and the free market, so they and everyone else can earn more money. They are competitors, but are willing to cooperate on this.

We prepare for the Politician gala and to spy on the graveyard meeting for the oldschool theologicians.

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