Disciple of Fate, Apprentice of Mind, Initiate of Time, 1st-degree Prelate in the Sword of Obligation

Nature: Seer of the Throne & Player Character
Path: Acanthus
Ministry: Mammon
Dynasty: Shaxia Shan
Pylon: Helping Hands Consortium
Familiar: Diaval
Mentor: Tall, Dark and Handsome
Soundtrack: Living Inside The Shell - Steve Conte



A short, bookish, freckled and bespeckled young lady wearing wool sweaters, scarfs and other warm clothing. She usually carries around a handbag containing several books and her magic wand. She seems to live more inside her own head than outside of it, and usually keeps to herself. When she is outside her room in the sanctum, she is usually found in the library reading a book or meditating in front of the Hallow. Maleficent is usually patient and tries to get everyone to get along and be helpful, but sometimes lashes out.

I'm through accepting limits
'Cuz someone says they're so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I'll never know!



Real name: Růžena Mucha
Age: 21
Born: 25 November 1994
Hair: Brown, shoulder length
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Body: Chubby
Clothing: Wooly sweater, scarf. Usually have a purse with several books with her.
Nimbus: Dark fairies made of malevolent, green flames appear in the air around her & start dancing. Dark thorny brambles start growing along the ground, radiating out from where she stands
Occuptation: Art critic. Has an online blog, and occasionally writes for newspapers and magazines.
Spirit Animal: Raven


Notable Gear

Path Tool: Plastic fairy-wand, a stick with a star on it (wand)
Order Tool: The book ''Children's & household tales'', by the Brothers Grimm. Has ''Once upon a time there was a witch called Maleficent'' written on the inside of the front cover (mysterium)
Arcanum Tools:
Fate: Deck of tarot cards
Mind: A chimerically manifested staff
Magic Item: Staff of Sorcery (functions as a grimoire, can be taken into the astral)


Magical Style

Concept: "Magic in children's fiction"
Favored Arcana:Mind, ●Fate.
Favored Practices:Compelling, ●Ruling, ●Fraying.
Optimal Attribute:Presence.
Unique Benefit: +1 duration factor when using conditional duration with fairytale-esque conditions.
Example Equipment: Magic wands, the cauldron of a witch, wizard staff, magical potion brewing equipment, spellbooks.


Known Merits

●High Speech 1 (free for all mages with Order membership)
●Proximus 1
●Embodied Familiar [astral] (Diaval) 4
●Servitor [Homunculus agent] (Midknight) 4
●Mentor (Tall, dark and handsome) 2
●Status (Seers) 1
●Status (Mammon) 1
●Mystery commands 2
●Artifact 1 (no specific item)
●Imbued Item (staff of sorcery) 2
●Enhanced Item (staff of sorcery) 1
●Library (Spirits, Astral 20-25 000 years old) 2
●Resources 1
●Sanctum (Hospital, Size 1) 1
●Hallow (Hospital) 1
●Atlantean Hesychia 1
●Meditative Focus 2
●Area of expertise (Academics: fiction) 1
●Encyclopedic Knowledge (Academics: literature) 2
●Interdisciplinary Speciality (Academics: fiction) 1
●Taste (Crafts, painting) 1


Political Influence

Rating: 2 dots
Agent: Midknight
Movie studio: Expression 3 - Small studio that mostly do commercials and short movies.
Venture capitalist: Persuasion 3
Copyright Lawyer: Investigation 2



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