Magical Style

Just like the players come up with descriptions of what their characters look like, describe what clothes they wear, and just like they describe sort of personality their character has, in a similar way the player can also come up with a description for exactly how the character performs magic. What it looks like, what sort of actions and behaviors are involved, and what the idea and concept behind it happens to be.

In addition to being another way to more fully flesh out the details of the character, the system also provides the potential for using the character's magical style in order to gain actual mechanical benefits on the spell being cast, provided the player improvises a short description of the spellcasting being done.


Basic Style Traits

●Descriptions & suggestions for what spellcasting looks like when performed through the style
●Example objects and techniques used to perform the style
●1 favored Attribute
●2 favored Arcana
●3 favored Practices (one for each of the three first dots of an Arcanum)
●A unique mechanical effect/benefit


Use Requirements

●Must spend Instant action on the round before instant spells to perform style-based actions (can do High Speech in same turn)
●If Extended spell, must spend 10 minutes before casting starts in order to perform style-based actions
●Lose Defense and can't run while performing style (unless nature of the style specifies otherwise)
●Player needs to provide a description/explanation of how how exactly their character is performing the spell. Just repeating previous uses or a standard description isn't enough, it needs to be actually interesting.


Mechanical Effects

●If all of the requirements are fulfilled the spellcasting dice pool benefits from a +2 bonus.
●For each of the Style's traits which the spell fulfills (favored Arcanum, Practice and Rote Attribute), the player gets to choose 1 benefit from the following list:
- Reduce Mana cost by 1
- Reduce Paradox pool by 1
- Instant spell gets another +2 on dice pool
- Extended spell requires 2 less successes


The Unique Benefit

It's usually incredibly difficult to come up with a good idea for mechanics here.

Some examples:
●Also gets one 4th-lvl favored Practice
●Get 1 additional Rote Specialty Skill
●Spells that summon, contain or dismiss demons, angels, spirits & quashmallim get an additional +2 on dice pool
●Get +2 on spell's dice pool if it's cast as a group ritual
●If suffering from at least 1 point of damage, spell's dice pool gets additional +1, as long as injury was deliberately inflicted by someone else.


The Practices

Initiate (●)

Compelling: Nudging, adjusting, minor boosts
Knowing: Learning, getting information, detecting
Unveiling: Expanding the capacity for what the senses can perceive

Apprentice (●●)

Ruling: Basic control, turning on/off, directing
Shielding: Protecting, preserving, countering
Veiling: Hiding, disguising, concealing

Disciple (●●●)

Fraying: Damaging, harming, reducing
Perfecting: Healing, repairing, improving, boosting
Weaving: Changing functions, adjusting effects, but not altering what it is, its nature or form

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