Mack and Mike
This one's Mike…
…and that one's Mack.
Where one is white
the other's black.
So I'm the four
while he's the five,
and while he's still dead
I'm always alive.

Nature: Chimerical Beings
Type: Unknown type of zyzygy (presumably)
First Encountered: 2.2 "(The Heart of Man)"
Appearances: 3.2 "The Long-Expected Parties";
Maleficent permanently branded them into her mind
Soundtrack: White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane


Description: Cryptic pair of rhyming snakes.

Info: Claimed to reside within the Oneiros of Dian Cécht, where he'd apparently "invited them in".

Also gave the impression of trying to 'recruit' Dian into the service of the so-called "Red King", who was "waking up soon" ("and then the dream will be over").

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