MIND–BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Aura Perception 1 Wits + Emp Conc View people's emotional states as colors
First Impressions 2 Man + Soclz - Get +1/sux to first social interaction with people
Incognito Presence 2 Wits + Subt - (Make self less noticeable to others)
Moment of Doubt 2 Man + Intim –Com Target rolls at -1/sux, ends if target wins any roll
Eternal Now 3 Wits + Subt vs Re+G Prevents target from forming new memories
Imposter 3 Int + Subt vs Co+G Target perceives you as someone else
Subliminal Message 3 Wits + Subt vsC+G,L
SPACE–BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Angle Vision 1 Wits + Inv - See around corners
Correspondence 1 Wits + Occ Conc Measure lvl of sympathetic links of seen target
Finder 1 Int + Inv - Locate item within area
Spatial Awareness 1 Wits + Occ - Mage Sight & can see disturbances of Space
Spatial Map 1 Int + Occ Trans Know position of all in area, ignore –1/sux on ranged
Follow Through 2 Wits + Inv special Teleport to where a portal once used to lead to
Portal 3 Man+Inv-Sym Ext,Tra,1M Open gateway between two separate locations
DEATH–BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Forensic Invisibility 2 Com + Stlth - Destroys fibers, dead skin, saliva, oils & hair
Suppress Aura 2 Man + Subt - Gives (–1/sux) to examine own resonance & aura
Nature: Proximus Dynasty
Parent Path: Mastigos
Patron Group: Guardians of the Veil
Arcana: Mind, Space, Death
Nicknames: Orphans, the Adopted Ones, Operatives


Curse: The more other people (except other dynasts) knows about them, who they really are, the more it disadvantages that Lysenko. All non-casting dice pools against any who know them suffers a penalty depending on the degree of familiarity. Functions similar to spatial sympathy, in reverse:

DEGREE Intimate Known Acquainted Encountered Described Unknown
Know ca as loved one as close friend as co-worker has interacted superficial info nothing true
Penalty –10 dice –8 dice –6 dice –4 dice –2 dice –0 dice

Name: Against those who know their real name, penalty is 2 steps worse & applies to casting pools.


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