Lucky Coin
Arcanum: Fate ●●●
Practice: Perfecting
Action: Instant
Duration: Transitory
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Range: Sensory
Rote Pool: Wits/Pre + Occ/Sci

The caster learns how to interact with a lifeless item, bringing fortune to bear upon it. By touching the destiny of an item, the mage fortifies its ability to perform the tasks for which it was designed.

Mechanics: On the turn after casting, the targeted object receives an equipment dice bonus equal to the spell’s successes, up to a maximum of the caster’s Fate dots. (This is in addition to the item’s normal equipment modifier.) In addition, a suit of armor’s protection can be increased by one point per success (to a maximum of the caster’s Fate dots).

As a roleplaying consideration, lucky objects tend to benefit those who own them (a lucky jacket is snagged by some tree roots as a mage slides on some loose rocks down a steep hill). Sometimes a lucky object does not even need to be used by its owner to bring fortune to bear upon him.

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