Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Mastigos
Arcana: Mind (Primary), Spirit (Secondary)
Nicknames: “The New Masters” (used only by outsiders; the Liberatores themselves hate this term)

Description: Created during the the Underground Railroad, this legacy worked, and continues to work, to abolish institutionalized slavery worldwide, but their focus has broadened considerably over the past century. Their primary efforts are still directed against the black market trade in human beings, but they also actively sabotage any activity that smacks of economic oppression or social control through mental and emotional abuse or deprivation.

One of the reasons that slavery-like conditions persist even after the social systems fostering them have been dismantled is that psychological patterns of dominance and submission become so thoroughly imprinted in the personalities of both master and slave. These patterns survive in the grand scale of socio-economic inequities and in the more intimate scale of family relationships. The Attainments of this Legacy are geared toward identifying and healing the psychic scars of servitude and abuse.

Example Concepts: Undercover operative (specializing in role as slave, buyer, seller, pimp, prostitute, etc), rescue commando, neo-abolition lobbyist, underground railroad engineer, group psychotherapist.



1.Planting the Seed of Rebellion: ●Instill wish for genuine freedom in mind of those suffering overt or covert enslavement,
give hope of improving own life, as ''emotional urging''. ●Permanent ''mind shield''=dots.
Spirit 2: Call demonic spirit, Res+Intim+Spirit vs R, as ''lesser spirit summons''. Made to inspire freedm

2.Strengthening the Spine: Choose 1 Mental or Social Attribute. Instant action to boost it +1dot/Mind, 1 scene.
Can be increased further with spell, but magic then has Transitory duration.
Spirit 3: Drive out possessing demon from victim, extended Res+Intim+Spirit vs Pow+Res, as ''exorcism''.

3.Casting off the Shackles: Change target's mind, condition them to cope with freedom.
Instant, Man+Pers+Mind vs Res+Com, –dice for Prolonged duration factors if desired. As per ''breach the vault of memory''.
Spirit 4: ●Reflexively pay 1M to give -1/dot on spirit-powers used on self. ●Can give to another for 1 scene, by touch. Com+Pers+Spirit.


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