Kostěj Nesmrtelný
"No time for goodbye",
he said, as he faded away.

"Don't put your life in
someone's hands,
they're bound to steal it away."

"Don't hide your mistakes,
'cause they'll find you, burn you."

Then he said:
"If you want to get out alive,
ooh, run for your life!"

"If I stay, it won't be long
'til I'm burning on the inside.
If I go, I can only hope
that I make it to the other side."

"If you want to get out alive,
ooh, run for your life!"

Nature: Ghost Mage
Path: Moros
Order: Silver Ladder
First Appearance: 1.3 "Habeas Corpus"

Description: Thus far, only seen in a vision of what the future might hold. There, he was an emaciated and skeletal corpse-like spectre, dressed in the tattered remains of some sort of robe, though it was too ancient and frayed to discern much detail. The man himself was also difficult to pick up much detail about, but part of that is probably because the viewer was distracted by the guy riding what seemed to be an undead dragon.

Info: Once upon a time, he was a pentacle mage who lived in Prague, and who died there. Apparently, after having been dead for a long, long time, he has finally managed to establish enough of a power base in the afterlife to become the Deathlord of a whole Dominion in the Underworld.

According to ghostly rumours, he is fanatically obsessed with trying to return to the land of the living once more.

His original name and the identity he might have used while still human is currently unknown. Since then he has adopted the name of Kostěj, and there are those who say he is by now so mad he actually believes himself to be that fairytale-sorcerer.

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