This is a page where players can note down the things they've discovered or deduced during the campaign. Whether it's private details about NPC's, realizations about the political hierarchy of the Seers, relationships between people, secrets about past events, or revelations about the nature of the setting's metaphysics or cosmology, this page is where it can be noted down so it's not forgotten, and to keep everyone else informed as well.

As entries accumulate, the GM will probably begin to organize things here when the need arises, sorting the information by topic as seems most appropriate. Until then, feel free to type away relatively casually, as long as you make yourself understood.


The King in Crimson

Based on Moriarty's vision when he asked what the Red King looks like, there seems to be a connection between the king and Uluru.

Mack and Mike

We suspect they come from the Tablets of Mamud Saĝ du along with the rotes.

They claim to be the snakes from Hermes's staff in greek mythology, and mentioned that they had also had other forms.

"Mamud Saĝ du" du means something like "The dream begotten/begetters" / "Makers of the dream" / "those made of/by the dream". It sounds suspiciously similiar to "The Dreamborn", astral creatures that suposedly existed before mankind, and who (some believe) dreamed parts of the world into existence?. If so, it could imply a connection to the legacy called "The Dreamspeakers", who have a unique relationship to the Dreamborn, often serving as a sort of "intermediaries" between these beings and the human race. The Dreamspeakers were also the ones who created the tablets.

When Dian asked them if The Arkhitekton was the red queen, they answered that she was not the red queen, but that if Dian managed to recruit her, he would be richly rewarded.

Tablets of Mamud Saĝ du

Aquired by Mammon since the early days of the ministry after either ww2 or the turn of the century when the Hegemonic loremaster who kept them defected.
The hegemonic got the tablets as spoils of war from a cabal of the Pentacle, on 31. december 1899/1st January 1900, when the Hegemonic got mortally wounded and the Free council was formed and joined the Pentacle. Croesus was fairly certain the tablets were from Ireland, in some sort of druidic stone henge like thing. Both Hegemonic and Praetorians were involved in the battle. There were also reports of interesting standing stones that were too big for transportation, so they were left at the site (but that might have been in France).

Anima Mundi

Our astral quest to find more information about the Red king lead us to a Red realm, with a huge, red sun halfway across the horizon, either sinking or rising. We explored a huge pool of blood that turned out to belong to Dian, which might be because he was the first one who dived into it. It might be how the cells in our own bodies think of themselves?

After exploring Dian's insides we found a pocket realm near the base of his spine that contained several strange, non-native astral creatures and a throne. Sitting in the throne let you send signals and do stuff to Dian's spine.

The vertebra that contained the pocket realm have mystical significance. It is the most important energy point, chakra number 6?.
It is the beginning of energy, and you need to wake it up for enlightenment.

(associated with a coiled snake/serpent? the eye of godess? Reproduction cycle? Adrenaline?)


Favours, promises and obligations

  • The Van Helsing Initiative owes us one favour for helping them steal the bullet that started world war 1.
  • We owe the Upper Crust 3 fate or time spells of disciple level or lower, and to give them a chance to buy "normal" magical stuff before we sell it to anyone else. They also want the recipie for a family brew from an old money family.
  • We agreed to the following conditions with Nobody for her to give us access to a secret paternoster Library:
    • Do not tell others
    • We give her our real names
    • While we have access, she will have our Final/momentary names
    • We owe her one or two other favours.

The people with access to our names are: Nobody, her pylon should it become necessary, the Paternoster Evangeline if necessary, and the Stone Scribes legacy.


There seem to be a lot of attempts going on to get her killed.
According to Croesus's market analysis, her family name and fame is going to more of an issue in the future.
By agreeing to Nobody's terms for getting access to Paternoster lore, she will according to Moriarty's vision at some point in the future be denied access to something because she is thought of as a security risk. She was the one who took responsibility for the pylon getting access to the Paternoster Lore on weird and dangerous awakenings.

Dian cecht

Dian becomes dead after the sun goes down every day. We suspect this is because Moriarty gave away half of his life force to something.
By agreeing to Nobody's terms for getting access to Paternoster lore, he will according to Moriarty's vision at some point in the future turn into some sort of a super spy, and getting a job offer he can't refuse.


According to his own vision, he becomes both weird and awesome in the future, with groupies, black eyes, transluncent skin with glowing blue veins. Reactance will also try to kill him after some 5 to 10 years.

Moriarty have accepted a job offer to become the enforcer/torpedo of Darth Vader


Orwell have read up on greek myths and mythology in general.

Families and family dynasties


Moriarty's Proximus family.
Dian Cecht is going to be instrumental in the downfall of the dynasty.


Interest in awakenings

Judging by the books that had been most often used in the Library of Awakenings, there is a lot of seer interest into: Path distribution, what makes people awaken, what are the guardians doing to meddle with awakenings, who will wake up, what attempts have been made to change who awakens and how many awakens.

Weird phenomena

The Abaddon watchtower

Either a new watchtower or some other weird phenomena going on. Whatever it is, we don't like it and want to stop it.

Orwell's vision: How can I tear down this watchtower:
The first vision looks suspiciously like the building of the tower of babel, only that they decide to tear up the plans, demolish the tower, the king takes of his crown and helps farm the fields instead.
The other vision seems to be about Icarus, Daedalus and the younger son of Daedalus when they were escaping from the labyrinth. Icarus flies too close to the sun and dies, while the other son flies close to the ground and survives.

Both visions are based on stories about human hubris, but with a twist that makes them be about humility. Porlock says that if you get two visions without much in common, the things they have in common is the important things. In other words, humility seem to be the key to tearing down the Abaddon tower.

Information from the Library of Awakenings: In Boston, 1993, A Silver ladder member tried to force her boyfriend to awaken with a death, fate and mind spell, and succeeded. The boyfriend quickly grew in mystical power, but also became erratic. Children and small animals started dissapearing from the neighborhod, and less than a month after awakening, the boyfriend retreated to an abandoned warehouse. The girlfriend eventually entered the warehouse, and "did what she had to do". She refused to talk about what had happened inside, and later moved to a different consilium, changed her shadowname and joined the guardians.

Later, a construction worker who was contracted to tear down the warehouse cut himself on one of the gears the boyfriend had left behind, and awakened later that night, following the same pattern. This happened at least three more times.

Possible theories/Inferences:

  • Since we didn't detect any spells happening when Kazimir awakened, he might allready have been "infected" when we met him, or we infected him during our meeting.
  • Only one Abaddon mage (at least from the same origin) seem to exist at the same time. We haven't heard about a new one awakening before the old one dies.
  • It seems that contact between objects belonging to the old abaddon mage and a sleeper can be enought to transmit the infection. This makes containement very hard once the Abaddon mage is dead.

Misc and speculation

This is wild speculation unsupported by evidence, but the Bartolomějská Ulice, the former Prague headquarter of the Czech secret police (StB), now a police station might potentially be connected to the Panopticon (who's Tetrarch is KGB). Even if not, it's probably a good place to get spirit's of surveilance if they haven't all starved to death by now. The street used to contain a church of Saint Barthomolew before the StB came and sent all the nuns to detention camps one night in 1950, and used the church for target practice and prisoner detention. There might have been a conflict between the Paternoster and Panopticon at the time. Source: Link

The Sigil of Armory of Gaia looks like it contains, among other things, a staff with two snakes, which is one more than Rod of Asclepius should have. It does remind you a bit of a a certain duo, and the members of that pylon probably knows about a lot of life rotes.


Visions and dreams

Orwell's Dreams

How can I find a hand of the Architecton?

Vision of an eagle flying over a blue sea and landing on a white sheild with a red star (watching like the eye of sauron). The phrase "The truth shall set you free" in latin also shows up.

Interpretation: We suspect the vision refers to the CIA. Their unofficial motto is "And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free", which is engraved into their old headquarter building.

How can I destroy this new watchtower?
The first vision looks suspiciously like the building of the tower of babel, only that they decide to tear up the plans, demolish the tower, the king takes of his crown and helps farm the fields instead.
The other vision seems to be about Icarus, Daedalus and the younger son of Daedalus when they were escaping from the labyrinth. Icarus flies too close to the sun and dies, while the other son flies close to the ground and survives.

How can I get more information on the abyss?

Vision of a Church. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik play throughout the vision.. In the tower of the church there is a library of chained down books. There is a tollkeeper guarding the bridge to the books.

Interpretation: The Church seem to hint towards Paternoster. We suspect they might be refering to Amadeus, Paternoster's Evangelyne.

How can I find the Cabal watching the ghost communication?

Vision of a mall. People singing One Day More. Then vision of a prison with famous french literary prisoners (ST: What? Sirius Black was french?).

Interpretation: This vision seem to be refering to 24601 from the Numerals cabal, currently in Pankrác Prison, Nergal's sanctum.

How can I fix my relationship with Presley?
Bribe superiors into ordering you to sleep around and avoiding monogamous relationships.


Maleficent's Dreams

How can I fuck over the Pantechnicon?

How can I please the Chancellor?


Moriarty's Predictions

Maleficent's future caused by signing the contract with the pantheon
Vision of Cobain being mind controlled into killing Maleficent, and ends up shooting himself instead on new years eve.

Orwell's future caused by signing the contract with the pantheon
Presley telling Orwell about someone blackmailing him using footage of them getting intimate.

Dian's future caused by signing the contract with the pantheon

What will the Red King do when he wakes up?
The Dream will end.

What does the Red King look like?

When will I next meet spider monsters?
In 6 to 8 months. (Asked in the middle of November, so sometime between mai and juli)

What will happen next time Maleficent meets anyone from the 6th watchtower?
A man in a transforming iron suit attacks and kills her around 1.5 months in the future, so around the time Cobain is mind controlled into killing Maleficent. A few weeks later, he explodes.


Div linker

Teambuilding exercises
Charter draft
Pylon Wishlist

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