Hospital sanctum

Nature: Location
Type: Sanctum
Residents: Helping Hands Consortium
First Visited: 1.2 "All Your Base Are Belong To Us";

Description: The sanctum is hidden away in the top floor of the 10-15 stories tall main building of a hospital in prague.

Hallow: (●●●●●)
Size: (●●●●)
Security: (●●●)

Information: Cleared out by the Armory of Gaia and rebuilt by the Office of Geometers.

It is possible to access the sanctum by the elevator and staircase. A secret elevator goes between the sanctum and the garage without stopping in any other floors.

A doorway sized part of one of the walls is a phantasm, with enough room for a room behind the wall.

The former owners of the sanctum did at one point come back to haunt us. There's also a baby killing ghost haunting the maternity ward, but protective measures have been in place to keep it out since before we took over.

Moriarty has left guns around in random lockers through the building in case of emergencies.

Sanctum Contents

The sanctums size allows for 9-15 rooms, and only some of them has been claimed or defined so far.

  • Ritual Chamber : A nice and comfy chamber for meditation and doing magical rituals. It is inside of the effect of the hallow, and gives a +4 bonus on meditation rolls.
  • Security room : Where the cameras and other security measures can be accessed, and most of Moriarty's guns are stored.
  • Moriarty's personal room : Moriarty has a room for sleeping and keeping all his clothes/guns that arent stashed anywhere else.
  • Dian's personal room : Where Dian lives. Terribly mysterious.
  • Orwell's personal room : Where Orwell lives. Mysterious.
  • Maleficent's personal room : Where Maleficent lairs. Also mysterious.
  • Artifact and mystical storage room : Where the really cool bling is.
  • Lounge : A bar, sitting arrangements, the Metahuman pelt lying in front of the fireplace and whatever else the pylon wants around when they hang out.
  • Conference room : A room with a table, adjustable lighting and large swiveling chairs that conceal you from behind. Also works as the Sanctums audience chamber.
  • Trophy room :
  • Foyer : The entrance hall where the elevator and staircase to the Sanctum ends up. The permament portal that leads to the Last stop ends up here. It is watched by the Magic security cameras.
  • Underground Garage : Connected to the rest of the sanctum via the elevator. The Pylons many cars, the Chameleon Car, Amazingly Average Car, Tricked out Ambulance, and Zaporozhets are parked here.
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