The Helping Hands Consortium
Nature: Pylon of Seers
Known Members:Dian Cécht, ●Maleficent, ●Moriarty, ●Orwell, ●Typhon, ●Maslow
Sanctum:Hospital Sanctum, ●Last Stop, biker bar & garage
Residence: The Dominion of Praha, of the Bohemia Tetrarchy
Sigil: A headless "horseman" in full knights templar outfit, riding a harley davidson motorcycle that's speeding away from an explosion seen in the background. In one hand he holds his own severed head, while in the other he wields the rod of Asclepius as a lance.
Motto: "Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur"
Soundtrack:Defying Gravity - Kerry Ellis (Wicked)



Duties & Positions

President: Dian Cècht
He is the the public face of the Pylon. His job is to take care of the diplomatic relationship with others and make us look good.

Secretary: Orwell
He is the spymaster in the pylon, His job is to let others have exactly the information about us as we want them to have. Nothing more nothing less.

Bartender: Maleficent
She is the heart of the pylon. Her job is to make the pylon cooperate and make the sanctum a place called home.

Bouncer: Moriarty
He is the tactician in the pylon. His job is to protect the pylon both in defence and offence.

Sgt at Arms: Typhon
He is the stock-taker in the pylon. His job is to keep track of our resources.


Pooled Merits

MERIT Dian Cécht Maleficent Moriarty Orwell Typhon Dispater
Sanctum ●○○○○ ●○○○○ ●●○○○ ●○○○○ ○○○○○ ●●●○○
Hallow ●○○○○ ●○○○○ ○○○○○ ●○○○○ ○○○○○ ●●○○○


The Pyramid

Member Status:
Resources Political
Dian Cécht ●○○○○ ●○○○○ ○○○○○ ●●○○○ ●●●●○
Maleficent ●○○○○ ●○○○○ ●●○○○ ●○○○○ ●●○○○
Moriarty ●○○○○ ●○○○○ ○○○○○ ○○○○○ ●●○○○
Orwell ●●○○○ ●○○○○ ●●○○○ ●○○○○ ●○○○○
Typhon ●●○○○ ●○○○○ ●○○○○ ●○○○○ ●●○○○
Maslow ●○○○○ ●○○○○ ●○○○○ ●●●○○ ●●○○○


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