Hegemonic Ministry

Nature: Mage Organization
Faction: Pyramid
Status: Greater Ministry
Patron Exarch: The Unity
Favored Prelacy: Obligation
Arcanum Specialty: Mind
Responsibilities: Hierarchy, government, politics, bureaucracy, propaganda, nationalism, identity, indoctrination, brainwashing, bigotry, racism, discrimination, obedience, slavery, segregation of social classes, "the system", legalism & lawyers
Soundtrack: Integral - Pet Shop Boys


Rote Skills

  • Politics
  • Persuasion
  • Empathy




Utopia is attainable. Sleepers must never be allowed to attain it, can never know it’s truly possible and above all, can never be allowed to find out that it used to exist. The Exarch of Unity embodies a perverse contradiction. To maintain Creation’s oneness, human beings need to be split apart into warring tribes and castes. If they ever set aside their differences and Awaken, they could crack the cosmic firmament. The Abyss creeps in through acts of errant magic. If everyone could put their souls on the line the way sorcerers do, the Fallen World would disintegrate. Worse yet, they could travel to the Supernal Realms and profane the Exarchs.


Hegemons tame humans by subverting their politics. The Ministry uses specific methods that it classifies under the ''Three Instruments'':

The Book of Mirrors

The Ministry’s as fond of laissez-faire capitalism as hardcore Leninism. It loves rules that take on a life of their own and ignore individual cases. Ultimately, these systems are tools for the agendas of anyone smart and ambitious enough to take the reins: sociopaths, venal politicians and egotistical revolutionaries. The Instrument is called the Book of Mirrors because for all its pages, it contains no wisdom – just the reader’s desires, reflected by whatever she takes out of the text.

The Golden Apple

Sometimes communities form around relatively pure, compassionate ideals. They start to get things done. The Golden Apple is the response. The Instrument is the philosophy of strategic discord. A hegemon preys on differences and doubts. She might tell one revolutionary cell that the other’s going to strike a deal with the government, or spread rumors of an incipient power play in the local Consilium. If she does her job perfectly, it forces victims to find someone else to arbitrate – and hegemons stand ready for the task.

The Tethered Staves

The Tethered Staves are the classic Roman fasces. It’s fitting, because the Instrument is fascism, pure and simple. To employ the Instrument, a hegemon backs an elite class to control resources and political power. These leaders warn everyone else against ideological or cultural “impurity” or “decadence.” They give the threat a face: an internal minority or foreign group.

This Instrument fell out of favor from World War II to the end of the 20th century. Seers in those days believed Sleepers wouldn’t fall for it so easily after the war. Hegemons now believe that people are as naïve as ever. In fact, the Instrument may work better now, because people believe that they can readily identify and counter fascism, even as they ignorantly warm to its tenets.


View on Sleepers

Throughout the entire course of human history, people have killed and died for their colors: tribe or clan, city-state, nation, or what-have-you. With each successive social development, the definition of a society grew larger & more encompassing, until the grand empires of the 19th & 20th centuries

Now, however, cracks are appearing in the foundations of the superpowers and Hegemonic aims to halt the slide into entropy, reminding people that the state is superior to the individual. Unfortunately, blind zealot patriots are becoming harder and harder to find. Many of them are dying off with the older generations, as people become more jaded about the state’s motivations and its ability to rule with moral as well as temporal authority.

Thus, Hegemonic works to secure the ironclad fealty of statesmen and captains of industry, as well as old warhorses (those more interested in agendas than confrontations), party whips, faceless bureaucrats, mental health professionals, and anyone else trying to push a “one true way” that people should be and in which things should be done.


Ultimate Objectives

The Hegemonic Ministry wants to enslave the Pentacle. Visionaries see a day when Pentacle mages pay the Throne a tribute in Mana and lore. They’re Thralls in this future; they only cast spells to serve their masters. Destroying the orders wouldn’t just be unnecessary — it would deprive the Throne of power. Pentacle servants would be the first into the breach in an emergency. Eternal apprentices of the Throne, they’d devote themselves to the care of particular Seers. They’d be servitors, on par with Hollow Ones or Hive Men. Hegemons imagine a program of Fate-bound oaths and psychic modification powerful enough to be foolproof, but delicate enough to preserve the Awakened soul. These conquered mages wouldn’t be permitted to repent and join the Throne. Religious conversion is the Father’s business; the Unity is about structured power, where even order mages have a role — they just don’t know it yet.


Hegemonic Seers

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