Glimpsing the Future
Arcanum: Time ●●
Practice: Ruling
Action: Instant
Duration: Transitory
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana
Range: Self
Rote Pool: (Wit/Res)+Inv

The mage can study the outcome of a current personal action. The willworker can quickly scan the immediate future and determine whether her next action will go well or not, and adjust to improve her chances of success. Effectively, the mage watches herself perform an action in the immediate future in an instant and then decides how it could be done better.

Mechanics: Success allows the player to roll twice for a single instant action his character performs in the following turn (or later, if he adds duration factors), taking the better of the two results.

With Time 3: This spell can be cast reflexively, applying to an instant action taken in the same turn in which the magic is cast.

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