Nature: Prelacy
Associated Arcanum: Forces
Sponsoring Exarch: The General
Favored Ministry: Praetorian

Crown of Fury

1.Break the Battle Drill: Against you, foes use Fighting Styles as if rating was reduced by dots = (Forces)
2.Command the Furies Within: When Forces spell with Duration>Instant is cast on your pattern, roll Wits+Forces
Can redistribute 1 Factor per sux between Potency, Duration & Target (down to min 1)
3.Aegis of the General: Has 1 Armor, +1 die vs grapple, always on, stacks with magic, not vs Sta limit

Sword of Fury

●If using Tool when casting Instant Forces damage-spell, which succeeds, it deals +(Sword) points of damage

Temple of Fury

●Countering or dispelling Forces spells of seers is Vulgar & gets +(Temple dots) on Paradox pool
●For non-Seers rolling Physical dice pools, or physical actions, or using Forces magic, also roll a dice = (Temple)+2.
Each success on this negates 1 sux on the attempted action. At Sux<1, the result is a Dramatic Failure

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