Fragmented Archive

Nature: Legacy
Parent Order: Guardians of the Veil
Arcana: Mind (Primary), Fate (Secondary), Space, Matter (Tertiaries)
Nicknames: Sleeper Agents, Jekylls & Hydes
Suggested Oblations: Keeping a personal journal/diary and making sure your other fragments won't find it; investigating your other fragments; behavioral psychoanalysis




1.Lacuna: As ''memory hole'', but compartmentalizes each new memory into one of the pre-created ego ''fragments''.
Can then recall 1 set of memories at a time. Max nr of fragments =Mind+Masques.
Fate 2: Can designate conditional triggers that'll turn fragment on/off, or end Attainment, 1/Fate
2.Hyperspecialization: Each fragment is assigned 1 Mental/Social Attribute, can't choose same attr for fragment until all are already selected.
For as long as fragment is active, its linked Attribute is at +1 dot/Mind
Space 3: Permanent ''Cloak Sympathy'' on self while in fragment, conceals ties that don't fit with it.
3.Alter Ego: Construct entirely new identities not based on own psyche, max 1/Mind dot, switch between as fragments.
Each can have 1dot/Mind of Soc/Mntl Atrbts redistributed while active & different Virtue/Vice. Perm once statted up.
Matter/Forces 4: May convert & store info (analog/digital) in ego-fragment that's not being used.

1st: Lacuna

Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Mind 2 (Primary), 2 Masques
''Memory Hole'', but keyed to certain 'personalities' or pre-determined compartments. Memories are 'filed' under specific sub-self, with the character only able to remember the memories linked to the ''category'' currently active, OR can turn off the attainment & remember all of it at once, return to normal. Can have categories = Mind + Fate (OR +masques?).

As long as Attainment is active, anything experienced is remembered only by the fragment which was active when it happened, unless the character ends the attainment entirely and reassembles their total memory again. Given that quite a lot of members joined in order to get away from painful traumas, and given that even more tend to use one fragment as a 'dumping ground' for anything unpleasant they don't want to deal with, a situation can easily develop where they find such total recall to be incredibly unpleasant. Faced with having to confront a lifetime's worth of pain in an instant such members recoil from it, getting such a strong aversion to the process that they'll avoid returning to ''normal'' unless absolutely unavoidable.

Optional Arcanum: Fate 2
Conditional triggers on what categories available/active when. No personality can set trigger on itself, only other gragments, except overmind, which can have ''return to zero'' which deactivates all attainments. Setting a trigger requires nothing more than an instant action and the expenditure of 1 point of willpower, but they can't have more conditional triggers in waiting than their dots of Fate. These are one-time events only, and need to be re-set after they've been triggered. Otherwise they last either until the condition becomes impossible (f.ex meeting someone who has since died) or until the ''overmind'' spends 1wp to 'delete' any or all latent triggers.

2nd: Hyperspecialization

Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Mind 3, 4 Masques
Can boost 1 Mental or Social attribute by +1/Mind, but each ''category'' of memories gets 1 Attribute assigned, which can't be changed, no 2 can have same Attribute until all have already been selected, then may choose same a second time (but not third). Can only get boost while designated 'personality' is active.

Optional Arcanum: Space 3
Cloak sympathy, and keyed to 'categories', conceals all ties that don't ''fit'' with current persona, hidden even from self. Permanent (since Disciple), but only when ''category'' is active.

3rd: Alter Ego

Prerequisites: Gnosis 7, Mind 4, 6 Masques
Rewrite own memories, make whole new personalities not based on original self, up to 1 new ego/Mind. (upgrade of earlier categories or not?). Each personality can have dots=Mind of mental & social attributes redistributed, but designated upon its formation & only within normal limits. Also: Can change Virtue/Vice, decided when formed. Personality's memories inaccessible even when attainments ''deactivated''.

Optional Arcanum: Matter 4 and/or Forces 4
Convert info & store in subconscious. Has to be ''stored'' in one of the fragments/personalities. But not necessarily currently active one!


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