Fortunate Timing
Arcanum: Fate ●● +Time ●
Practice: Ruling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Range: ?
Rote Pool: Wits+Pers

This spell shifts the threads of Fate into a “proper” configuration that allows the mage to experience a fortunate set of circumstances involving timing: the mage is in just the right place to meet someone, pick up a ride, prevent (or assist) some event and so forth. This spell involves a certain willingness to surrender to the moment, allowing Fate to take the caster where it will, although the spell ensures the circumstances won’t be inherently dangerous or detrimental.

Repeated casting of this spell can tangle the threads of Fate to a degree, and may prevent the mage from ending up in the right circumstances (traffic messes up the timing of an important meeting, weather causes delays or prevents an event from happening, and so forth).

Mechanics: As with "Perfect Moment", this spell is more story-related than mechanical: a successful casting just ensures circumstances will be right for the mage to be where he or she is “supposed” to be, in the view of the Storyteller. This spell is license for the ST to arrange the plot of the adventure to move along in the most expedient manner, even if the circumstances are somewhat improbable. After all, it’s magic!

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