Prelacy of Finality

Nature: Magical Power
Associated Arcanum: Death
Sponsoring Exarch: The Psychopomp
Favored Ministry: None

WARNING: These mechanics are still under development; this Prelacy is a work in progress, which means that large parts of the material published below is likely to be radically changed, upgraded or replaced entirely. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Crown of Finality

1.Fear no Evil: Death-based powers of the Undead used on you gets penalty = Death on activation
2.All rolls to find or affect Underworld gates get +1/Death, including navigation on other side. Can spend 1 wp Dot to perfectly seal 1 gate forever, from then on opens only for the character
3.Get ''Ancient Echoes'' merit, 1 dot/Death, and retains memories if/when reincarnates later

Sword of Finality

1.Death spells affecting Ghosts, Geists or Souls use spell factors as if had +1 Arcanum lvl
2.Keeper of the Shrouds: Usurping control of undead needs sux=less of ½normal or maker's Death+G
3.Final Judgement: If Corpus of Ghost, Geist or Soul is filled with damage, 1/2 of which is caused by character's Death spells, the entity is permanently destroyed despite any Anchors or similar it has

Temple of Finality

●Non-seer's spells that reach in/out of twilight or underworld are Vulgar & get +(Temple dots) on Paradox pool
●Ghosts can't automatically Manifest without a roll just because they're in the vicinity of their Anchors.
●All attempts at interaction between living & dead gets –2 per Temple dot, including Manifesting, Numina, etc

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