Fate Grimoire

Nature: Grimoire

Info: Given to the group by Dispater as a payment for the heart of The Arkhitekton.



SPELL Arcana Dice pool Traits Function
Evil Eye Fate 2 Man + Per - Com 1 Mana Give target penalty =(Fate dots) to 1 roll/sux
Everything's Zen Fate 2 Wits + Occult Randomly know what to do in a social situation
Zone of Extremity Fate 2 Pre + Occult T. +1dot: Prol all Sux in area = ExSux, all Fails = botches
Loyal Possession Fate 2 +Mind 2 Int + Pers 1 Mana Item returns to owner if lost
Sniffing Fate's Winds Fate 2 +Death 2 Com + Invest See quality & magnitude of fate, and dots of Destiny
Lucky Coin Fate 3 Wit/Pr + Occ/Sci Transitory +1 Equipment Rating per sux, max +1/Fate

V = Vulgar, L = Lasting, M=Mana cost (Assume Instant, Covert & Prolonged otherwise)

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