Evil Eye
Arcanum: Fate ●●
Practice: Fraying
Action: Instant
Duration: Special
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana
Range: Sensory
Rote Pool: (Wit/Man)
+Pers –Composure

This spell is a basic curse intended to bring about immediate ill-fortune upon another. In ancient times, such a working was almost always undertaken by way of physically staring at the one to be cursed, directing a baleful glare at him and thereby hexing his actions. Now, it may be directed through less obvious means, but many mages still prefer the old-fashioned aspect.

Mechanics: Success causes a number of dice to be removed from the subject’s dice pool for the next action he takes (i.e., the next action for which dice need to be rolled). One die is subtracted per Fate dot the caster possesses. Each extra success on the spellcasting affects one additional roll.

For example: If the caster rolls three successes, he affects the next three rolls made for the target.

Some mages prefer to cast the "Evil Eye" as a prepared spell with a conditional trigger. This approach allows them to delay the onset of the curse until the target performs a specified action (perhaps repeating the same insult that inspired the caster to impose this spell) or certain conditions are in place. The mage needs Time 2 or higher as a conjunctional Arcanum. See “Prepared Spell” and “Conditional Trigger” for complete rules.

Note: The Fate 5 “Break the Chains” spell can dispel the "Evil Eye".

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