Nature: Grimoire



Rote SPELL Arcana Dice pool Traits Function
5 €, front Disguise Quality Matter 3 Pres + Politics V, Touch Alter item's apparent cost
5 €, back First Impressions Mind 2 Pres + Socialize Self Get +1/sux to first social roll
10 €, front Transmute Liquid Matter 2 Pres + Crafts V, Touch Turn 1 liquid into another
10 €, back Emotional Urging Mind 2 Man + Socialize vs Com+G Alter target's emotional state
20 €, front Alter Accuracy Matter 2 Resolve + Crafts 1M Item gives 9agn on next 1use/sux
20 €, back Euphoria Mind 2 Pres + Politics 1M, Self ±1/sux vs wound pnlty & knockout
50 €, front Loosen Binding Matter 2 Man + Politics Lasting Open and/or unlock item
50 €, back Forensic
Death 2 +
Matter 1
Dex + Politics Self Destroys fibers, dead skin,
saliva, oils & hair left behind
100 €, front Temporary Repair Matter 2 Pres + Crafts Touch Make broken device function
100 €, back Moment of Doubt Mind 2 Man+Soclz-Com - Give target -1/sux on actions
200 €, front Backbite Matter 3 Man + Socialize Touch Weapon hits wielder if used
200 €, back Diplomat's Protection Mind 3 Com + Politics Self Don't get attackd if peaceful
500 €, front Alter Efficiency Matter 4 Int + Crafts 1M, Touch Give ±1 Equipment rating/sux
500 €, back Impostor Mind 3 Wits + Socialize vs Com+G Target thinks you're someone else

V = Vulgar, L = Lasting, M=Mana cost (Assume Instant, Covert & Prolonged otherwise)


Bonus Factors

Disguise Quality: If used on €, can be cast at Matter 2 & get +1 Cloaking Factor per Resources dot
First Impressions: Gets bonus not just on first roll, but on 1 roll per Resources dot within duration,
for those people the target has bought something for or paid an expense of their, before or right now.
Emotional Urging: If used to instill ''greed'' or other materialistic uses, get +2 Target Factors.
Euphoria: If the euro-bill is given to target when casting, don't need +1 dot to cast it on another.
However, if the target no longer has that specific piece of cash, then the spell immediately ends.
Temporary Repair: If ''pays'' the device by putting cash in/on it, get +1 Duration Factor/cost 'paid'.
Moment of Doubt: If actually does offer target a cash 'bribe', the spell doesn't end as soon as victim
succeeds on rolling a dice pool, but instead they need success on dice pools = caster's Resources dots
Backbite: If caster ''offers'' the money to the weapon in some way, ''bribing it'', (cash must be in line
of sight to target), the spell can be cast at Sensory range without needing +1 arcanum dot (Matter 4).
Diplomat's Protection: If caster uses it on own body (not possessed subject) & wears clothes
and accessories that shows off their wealth & affluence, penalty to attack increased by –1/Resources dot

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