Emotional Urging
Arcanum: Mind ●●
Practice: Ruling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Range: Sensory
Rote Pool: (Man/Wit)+Emp vs Com+G

The mage can project emotions. These feelings are more a suggestion than a mandate, though they are apt to be heeded if they make sense for the individual and situation. (Causing someone to feel sad when walking into a decrepit old house is reasonable & likely to be dismissed as a natural reaction, whereas making someone feel sadistic glee at the funeral of a sibling almost certainly causes the subject to question from whence that emotion came).

Mechanics: If target is a mage with at least Mind 1 he might have an inkling via his ''Unseen Senses'' that he is manipulated. A reflexive (Wits+Com) roll is made to sense the manipulation of his emotions. He can know nothing further unless he casts magic (f.ex. ''mage sight'') to learn more.

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