Election Project

The Election Project is a joint Seer project where every Pylon in the dominon of Prague and the rest of the Tetrarchy as well put aside their differences to get sleepers to believe democracy is important and that elections matter. In theory, at least. It will go through three month long phases, starting in november and ending with the election in january.

Jante looks like he might be involved in organising the project.
●Our superiors are the Watchdogs of Decency, who are also responsible for several other groups in the project.
●We are cooperating with the Pantheon of Hollow Dreams
●A group of consultants have been hired in from Germany: Jakob Mierscheid, Friedrich Nagelmann and Edmund F. Dräcker


Phase 1



●Dig up the policiticans dirty secrets: Orwell
●Getting control over relevant assets: Everyone
●Find out important topics and what the public cares about: Presley / Pantheon of Hollow Dreams
●Make preparations to influence what people care about: Presley, Monroe
●Find a dark horse: Moriarty, Cobain
●Take a look at the national budget, what the goverment have done, etc: Warhol
●Find an outside enemy to focus on, e.g. Russians, etc: ???
●Find unpopular people who have prospered under the previous regime: Orwell
●Place human interest stories in media: The Helping Hands Consertium
●Spy on the Pentacle: Dian, Cobain

Hot-button topics found

EU: To use the Euro or not? Nasjonal identity, to be a modern western nation or an east block country?
Weak goverment: The parliament fails to produce working coalitions. Nobody want's to cooperate with the communists. Nothing gets done and all attempts at reforming the system have failed or made the problem even worse. The politicians are arguing about who is going to be in charge, not what they should do. People are loosing confidence in the system.
Corruption: Corruption is everywhere, and people are starting to get tired of it.
Copyright and piracy: Young people care the most, but it is not a real topic yet.
Privacy and surveilance: Young people care the most here.
Racism: Slovacs are sometimes seen as hillbillies, religious and backwards.
Secession: There are some people in the regions of the Czech republic that wants to seccede like Slovakia did.
LGBT rights: Gay marriage not yet legal. Young people care the most
Organized crime: It is everywhere.


Phase 2

Tasks after 1st meeting

●Arrange for Racism: Astral: Helping Hands. Mundane: Pantheon
●Copyright Trial, get a child in court: Helping Hands
●Getting privatisation into the media spotligth: Warhol
●Create red scare: Astral: Helping Hands. Mundane: Pantheon
●Get our Dark Horse enemies: Moriarty
●Moral Crusader: Pantheon, with helping hands helping if needed
●Reminding people about the police scandal: Pantheon
●Scandal control: Spread out a bit
●Assasination attempt at Dark Horse:
●Gay rights scandal/thing: Undecided

Progress of Phase 2

●Copyright trial: Have found a good candidate, Daniel Barren, and made him illegally download movies and show them at home for money. Made sure that he downloaded movies from companies that were really hardline when it came to copyright crimes. Also possibly got the kid laid. We have managed to Prod Warner Bros into action.
●Dark horse: Moriarty's radio pundit Frank Belltower have been set to attack her, which we hope will boost her popularity, and make her look decent in comparison.
●Gay rights scandal: We have faked evidence that the tax authority have been persecuting gay rights organisations unfairly and made sure the gay rights groups are properly agitated about this.
●Moriarty have tried drawing in Pentacle people in the police, and making it look like Frank Belltower is a seer mouthpiece.

Timeline of Phase 2

1. December: Briefing meeting
21. December: Planned Treasure hunt with the Pantheon
31. December: Cobain is scheduled to be mind controlled and shooting himself to save Maleficent


Things discussed

Gay rights issue: ●Maybe have someone in the goverment be gay, or be behind stuff done to gay people
●There is apparently something similiar going on in Russia, according to Edmund F. Dräcker.
●It's illegall for gay couples to adopt children, even if one of them is the biological parent. They get no pension if their partner dies.

Scandals:Moriarty checked what sort of scandals will occur in the election without us being behind them, and how they would break. Mest generiske skandaler, som infidelity og hvertfall en korrupsjons sak.
●We want to try to play down the corruption because people are starting to get tired of it.

Copyright issue: ●We want some photogenic kid being sent to court for profiting from piracy, and possibly risk jailtime for it.
●There can be some overlap with the horrible prison and police system in the Czech republic, and how privatisation might be the way to go to improve things.

Privatization: ●The prison and police system in the Czech republic don't work very well, so surely the private sector can do a better job.
Mammon would benefit a lot if Corporations took over.
●Private vs public schools are also worth getting people riled up over.

Racism: ●There's a lot of Vietnamese and Serbs in the Czech republic, and they would make good scapegoats.
●We were considering going to the Astral to make attitude adjustments, and having the Phantheon get Celebrities on the job of promoting Racism.
●Then get the Dark Horse to speak out against Racism to help propel her into popularity.

Red Scare: Russia just invaded Ukraine.

Dark horse: ●We want to give her loud and distastefull enemies.
●And arrange for someone to try to kill her around christmas times, preferably on live media.

Religion: ●Hard to get relevant since the Czech are very indifferent about religion
●Maybe have a catholic priest be pretty chill and be all modern and in favour of gay people.
●If Religions start getting influence and power, people will start to care.
●If some politicians we don't like start talking about their religious belief, they might start loosing support.

Sex: ●A bit hard to make relevant, since a lot of Czech seem to think cheating is okay.
●If a Polician is found to be sleeping with underage people it would be a fairly good way to ruin him. Would also be a scandal with high shock value.

Moral crusader: ●Someone who don't believe cheating is okay, and is vocal about it.
●Should go after the Dark Horse, so they can hopefully help propell each other into popularity.

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