Einherjar Aspirants

Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Moros
Parent Order: Adamantine Arrow
Arcana: Time (Primary), Death (Secondary), Fate (Prerequisite)
Nicknames: Storm Crows, Foreboders, Doom-Seekers, the Honorable Dead, Valravens
Soundtrack: Hero - Heather Dale

Concept: Those who work to make sure that when they finally die, it happens in the best possible way: Honorably, for a good cause, and having it actually accomplish something. After all, the Valkyries only take the best, so the Aspirants work hard and prepare themselves so that their inevitable demise will be good enough to become a proper saga or a grand epic poem.

Suggested Oblations: Ancient battle ceremonies, training methods and meditations, upholding honor code, ritually swearing oaths, dramatically foretelling someone's doom, etc, etc. primarily norse theme & traditions and such. composing the epic saga of your own life….before it happens. planning your own funeral too, as well as carrying out the epic hero-funeral of fellow legacy member. Building a longboat, filling it with weaponry by defeating foes & claiming their gear, and then putting corpse on it, setting it adrift, performing the epic poetry of their life, then setting it on fire. Which can be long-term project they work on an hour each day for months or years. Given how they might die several times, they can do more than one such funeral, if need be. For that matter, spending an hour being dead, yet still active, might also be oblation. Sparring practice….with REAL weapons, and little to no safety precautions. memorizing and retelling the stories of previous members who managed to accomplish their honorable dooms; that's sort of the point of joining: your story will be remembered forever. so having later members knowing and performing them. confronting your Bane (if you have one), could actually count too. actively seeking it out & coping, or the same for your foreseen type of death

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