Echo Walkers

Nature: Left-handed Legacy
Parent Path: Obrimos
Arcana: Life (Primary), Prime (Secondary)
Nicknames: The Elect (among themselves), the Blinded (by others)

Description: The Echo Walkers have discovered how to perceive the Ones Before, the divine beings who once had sway over the world, and yearn for more glimpses of these shining exemplars. The problem is, they have to stir a Sleeper’s soul out of joint to gain such a view. The glimpse is brief, but the damage is lasting. The Echo Walkers tend to leave a trail of broken Sleepers behind them in their quest for divine communion.

Example Concepts: Traveling preacher, helpful occult scholar, evolutionary biologist, psychotherapist, Consilium supporter, empowerment guru, practical philosopher, soul stone collector.

Suggested Oblations: Studying ancient myths, evolutionary science or anything else that could contain information on the Ones Before. Creating artistic representations of the Ones Before. Altering one’s body to be more like the Ones Before.


1.The Temple Inviolate: ●Reflexively cure self of disease and/or poison. ●If magic ones: roll Sta+Res+3

2.Form of the Nephilim: Add +1dot/Life to one Phys attribute at a time, for scene.
Prime 3: Get ''Phantasm''-'disguise' & gear while boosted, cloaks own aura & nimbus, with various Social bonuses

3.Seeds of Loyalty: ●Impose any instinctual response target's capable of, Pres+Med+Life vs Res+G.
●Make target unable to convert short-term memory to long-term, 1 scene, Man+Med+Life vs Res+G.
Prime 4: End any supernal magic sensed, if sux ≥ potency. Res+Occ+Prime. As ''Supernal Dispellation''


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