Earring of Orpheus

Nature: Imbued Item (●●●●)
Type: Persistent (applies its affect for as long as it's worn)
First Encountered: 3.2 "The Long-Expected Parties"; first suggested by Cobain, and then leased from the Phantom Tollbooth

Description: A simple, small, plain and utterly unadorned golden ring (gold alloyed with other metals to make it less soft, as is standard with jewelry), to be worn in a pierced earlobe. Happens to be an antique, and is claimed to be (at least) 1 to 2 thousand years old, supposedly originating from the Hellenic region.

Effect: Restores a corpse to the state of decay (or rather, the lack thereof) it would be in as if its death had happened only seconds ago (as a Death 2 effect). Once removed, the corpse reverts to the state of decay it would have been in if the ring had never been used on it at all.

This item can specifically work on corpses that have been turned into some type of undead creature, and indeed, this is said to be the actual purpose the ring was made for in the first place. Though less popular these days, this sort of item (or the north european finger-ring equivalent, known as a "Revenant Ring") are usually employed by people who want to make a Zombie, Revenant, or other such undead being, capable of walking around without looking like a moving corpse and thus shocking the sleepers and weakening The Lie.

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