Duplicate Sympathy
Space ●●●●
Seers of the Throne p.194
The mage may assume the sympathetic connections of another, or grant another the use of her own.

Arcanum: Space 4
Practice: Patterning
Action: Instant; unwilling targets contest with Composure + Gnosis reflexively
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None

The sympathetic connection being duplicated must be known to the caster, either by common knowledge (“that between you and your mother”) or by use of the Interconnections spell, but the identity of what the connection is need not be. The strength of the connection being duplicated determines the target number of successes:

Sux Connection
1 Described
2 Encountered
3 Acquainted
4 Known
5 Intimate

Upon successful completion of the spell, the recipient gains a “Described” connection to the same thing as the connection being duplicated, which lasts for the Duration of the spell. Most casters then cast New Threads to increase the level of the new connection on a Lasting basis.


Seers of the Throne Rote: Thrall Trading
Dice Pool: Manipulate + Occult + Space

Seers of the Throne must rely on sympathetic connections to control slaves with Profane Vestments, to spy on the enemy and work their magic from places of safety. This rote allows a Seer to grant another the use of a Thrall he has cultivated, or to gain second-hand connections from those Thralls to new victims.

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