Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Thyrsus
Parent Order: Free Council
Arcana: Mind (Primary), Spirit (Secondary)
Nicknames: Primals

Example Concepts: Fringe anthropologist, psychologist, charismatic preacher, tribal healer, ecstatic oracle.

Suggested Oblations: Drumming or listening to drums and other rhythmic instruments. Dancing. Physical ordeals, such as suspension and controlled strangulation. Isolation in a sacred place.

Dreamspeakers also use specialized drugs. Anthropologists call these natural preparations "entheogens" (derived from the Greek for “god within”). The scientific community has only begun to categorize these drugs, since many of them are prepared from exotic plants. Medically, they are usually categorized as hallucinogens, even though the Dreamspeakers who use these drugs would not characterize states induced as unreal. In contemporary urban environments, Dreamspeakers make use of a number of more common legal and illegal drugs.



The Dreamspeakers certainly seem to have the greatest claim to the most ancient of soulcrafting paths, being as they are found most frequently among indigenous peoples who still follow the old ways of their ancestors. In crafting their souls, they reach up (or inward? or down?) to the Astral Planes, digging into the deepest strata to unearth the most ancient beings — the Dreamborn — who are said to have forged the world in the distant dawn of time. They largely ignore the Atlantean heritage, and dare to reveal their powers to the Sleepers within their native cultures.



1.Dreamwalking: ●Enter Astral anywhere, and as 1-turn Instant action. ●If extended, get bonus dice = Mind.
●Can simultaneously perceive material & astral. Instant Action to switch which one to act in.

2.Call Upon the Dreamborn: One M or S attrbt at +1/Mind, for Scn. Dreamtime meeting & 1m1wp to change which one.
Spirit 3: Part-manifest pacted Dreamborn in item/place, as ''Rouse spirit'', but Influence dots = Spirit

3.Dreamself: Can do ''Psychic Projection'', can also move psyche from twilight to Astral with 1st attainment,
but then not be in both. Can be hurt by others in twilight, gets WP dmg from it. Res+Occ+Mind
Spirit 4: Psychic project in/out of Hisil with Res+Occ+Spirit–Gauntlet, lose 1wp after Scene, then 1/h/Scn


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