Dragoslav Starosta

Nature: Sleepwalker
Type: 19-year old boy
First Encountered: 3.1 "Cleanup & Housekeeping"

Younger Sister: Regina
Youngest Sister: Věra
Father: Daughter of the industrialist soon-to-be national politician, Mr. Starosta.
Maternal Grandfather: Lubomír Kravitz

Description: Tall, lanky, obviously not happy with the demands and expectations imposed on him by his dad's career & ambitions.

●Has several secrets he hides from his family, like his smoking habit or the fact that he's gay.
●The only surprise he expressed when an inhuman creature spoke to him was with the fact that the dog knew the czech language.
●The hellhound in question, Baskerville, managed to talk the kid into making an infernal pact wth the demon, giving Dragoslav two invested powers in return for him making two sacrifices in the creature's name.

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