Double Shape


Tome of the Mysteries p.143

The mage merges two objects into one, so that at any given time, one object exists in the Material Realm, while the other co-exists with the object in a pocket dimension. As an instant action, the item’s owner can switch the two items, so that, for example, one’s enchanted handgun disappears, to be replaced by its other half, an enhanced chainsaw.

Arcanum: Space ●●●
Practice: Weaving
Action: Extended
Duration: Prolonged
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None

Aside from the convenience of carrying the two-in-one item, this spell allows both objects to benefit equally from any further curses, defenses or enhancements subsequently woven into the combined device.

Additional castings of the spell allow for additional items to be added to the mix. Only one item exists in the Material Realm; all additional forms also go to the pocket dimension when not in use.

Switching an object between forms evokes Disbelief in Sleeper witnesses.


Mysterium Rote: The Right Tool
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Crafts + Space

Whether you’re exploring an ancient crypt or creeping uninvited into a secret library, carrying capacity can be a critical issue. Mysterium explorers like to keep a wide range of important tools at their disposal while still leaving room in their bags for any alluring Artifacts they may feel the need to liberate.

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