Nature: Prelacy
Associated Arcanum: Prime
Sponsoring Exarch: The Father
Favored Ministry: Paternoster

Crown of Doctrine

1.Brightness Within: Can store additional Mana in pattern = (Prime)
2.Internal Purity: Pattern restoration costs 2M/dmg (not 3), Scouring gives 4M for 1 Attribute dot
3.Restore the Purified Form: Restoration can heal Resistant L or B, 4M/dmg, if M is from Scouring

Sword of Doctrine

1.Bright Power: Can get +2 on spellcasting by spending 1 extra Mana, no more than once per turn
2.Father's Light: After scene, roll (Prime) to regain 1 M/sux, if used on cost of instant spells
3.Word of Authority: Rote Quality on Prime spells, if shielding vs or dispelling magic. Can destroy normally immune magic, items & enchantments (if ST approves), but costs 1 perm. WP dot

Temple of Doctrine

●Vulgar magic cast by non-seers gets +3 per Temple dot to Paradox pool
●For purpose of Disbelief, the effective WP rating of sleepers is considered 2 lower per Temple dot
●Recording devices fail and break if they witness / record awakened magic

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