Arcanum: Time ●●●
Practice: Unveiling
Action: Instant
Duration: (Concentration?)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana
Range: Sensory
Rote Pool: Int+Invest
Temporal Sympathy

The mage can read the future. As per the Time 2 “Augury” spell, save that the mage receives more specific details.

Mechanics: As with the "Augury" spell, the mage must declare a target. (Temporal sympathy modifies the casting roll) One success allows the mage to ask one question about the target’s future and get an answer. Additional successes allow follow-up questions, allowing the mage to get more specific details.

Example: Arethusa gets three successes on her Divination roll, so she can ask one lead question and two follow-up questions. She’s trying to find out if a rival mage named Garrik is planning on attacking her. Her first question is: “Will Garrick attack us tonight?” She gets a vision of Garrick standing in her foyer, readying a spell.

Her first follow-up question is “When will Garrick attack?” The image changes “camera” angles, and she can see the large grandfather clock in the foyer past Garrick, showing 10 minutes until midnight. Her final follow-up question is “Is he working alone?” She sees a new image, this one showing her a number of stealthy, black-clad figures sneaking through the bushes outside her home.

The same person can be targeted with this spell only once every 24 hours. Any attempts to divine him again before 24 hours have passed reveal only meaningless echoes of myriad possible actions the target could take, but with no clue as to which he might take, or which are even more probable than others. If the mage persists, the spell becomes vulgar.

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