Dispel Magic


Mage the Awakening Core p.220

Mages can dismantle or dispel existing spells, a process also known as “unweaving.”

Arcanum: Prime ●
Practice: Compelling
Action: Instant
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana

The mage must have at least one dot in each Arcanum used in the spell to be dispelled, unless he has Prime ●●●●1.

Note: This effect differs from Counterspell, which requires one dot in only one of the Arcana used by the target spell.

The successes of the dispelling mage’s effort must exceed the Potency of the existing spell to successfully dispel it.


Guardians of the Veil Rote: Unweaving the Flaw
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Prime vs. target spell's Potency

Attacking the magics of others is sometimes the most direct and practical means of protecting the secrecy of the hidden world.

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