Nature: Seer Mage
Path: Moros
Ministry: Mammon
Legacy: Uncrowned Kings
Tetrarchy: Bohemia
Dominion: Prague
Position: Tetrarch & Minister of Mammon

Appearance: He's a late-middle-aged, broad-shouldered, stocky man of average height; barrel-chested and wide across the waist, with both muscle and a generous layer of fat. He dresses in sharp, dark, stylish suits that accentuate his powerful build. His hands are wide and thick-fingered and his features are strong and blunt. He wears his gray-streaked black hair down to just past his shoulders and his face bristles with a meticulously groomed beard and mustache. His voice is a sonorous baritone.

He habitually wears two tasteful, understated adornments: a platinum ring on his right hand, set with a black star diamond, and an elegant pocket watch (also of platinum), complete with matching fob.

Nimbus: Manifests as a golden aura radiating outward from him, as well as a general feeling of heaviness, pressing down on all nearby.


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