Dian Cécht

Disciple of Spirit, Apprentice of Life, 2nd-degree Initiate of Space & Death

Nature: Seer of the Throne & Player Character
Path: Thyrsus
Ministry: Panopticon
Dynasty: Tuatha dé Danann
Pylon: Helping Hands Consortium
Soundtrack: Man in the Middle - Beegees



Something has changed within me,
something is not the same.
I'm through with playing by the rules
of someone else's game.



Real name: Martin Braden (Mairtín Ó Bradáin)
Age: 121
Born: March 20th, 1892
Hair: Salt and Pepper
Eyes: Blue
Height: 1.87cm (6' 2'')
Clothing: old fashioned classic
Nimbus: Everything suddenly seems alive. Cars have their fenders and lights form a face, while their shiny paint looks like scales.
Occupation: Bartender at the Last Stop


Notable Gear

Path Tool: Walking stick (wand/staff)
Order Tool: Dark Trenchcoat (guardians)
Arcanum Tools:
Magic Items:
Earring of Orpheus
Roused Gun: P4, F2, R1, Size 2, Rank 1, Influence: Guns 1, Numina: Blast.
Roused Used Flak Jacket: P2, F1, R4, Size 3, Rank 1, Influence: Protection 1, Numina: Stalwart, Armor: 2/3 (BP).
Stone Tablet Grimoires
The Book of Life


Magical Style

Concept: Reality-warping charm. Chit-chat & social skills used on the universe. Talking to & interacting with objects/animals/phenomena as if they were people, and convincing them to behave or change as caster needs them to.
Favored Arcana:Spirit, ●(???).
Favored Practices:Compelling, ●Ruling, ●Weaving.
Optimal Attribute: Manipulation.
Unique Benefit:
Example Equipment:


Known Merits

●Proximus 1 (Tuatha)
●Long of Days 5
●Multi-lingual 1 (German, Irish Gaelic)
●Language 1 (Czech)
●Oath-tongue 2
●High Speech 1 (free for all mages with Order membership)
●Fake Identity 2
●Status (Panopticon) 1
●Status (Seers) 1
●Resources 2
●Contacts (Bartenders, fast food deliverers, smugglers1, small-time crooks2) 2
●Sanctum (hospital: size 1) 1
●Hallow 1
●Professional Training (Fixer3) 2 (Streetwise, Subterfuge)
●Retainer (Mellie) 4


Political Influence

Rating: 5 dots
Agent: Antonín Kladivo
Praha Zoo: Animal Ken 2
Kevin: Computers 3 (14 year old hacker)
Mike: Streetwise 3 (contact within the Irish community in Praha & Europe at large)
Alexej Gorlay: Drive 3 (ambulance driver & EMT)
Maslow's Thugs: Larceny 2 (Security guards with a bad habit of murdering pylon mates)
Mellie Malone: Investigation 5 (private detective, professional snoop) + Retainer 4
Robert: Politics 4 (gay rights activist)



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