Defensive Slide Rule

Nature: Relic
Weapon Traits: Dmg: +2B. Str Req: ??. Dur: ??. Tags: ??
First appearance: 3.1 Cleanup & Housekeeping; Found among the remains of the Azlu's victims.

Description: An old, well taken care of standard slider. There is a single chip on one of the edges.

Qualities: Valor, Dedication, Diligence

Effects: 1. Using it for an engineering project (usually with the craft or science skills) gives 8-again/scene. 1 WP, once every 24 hours. Very good as an improvised weapon, gives +2 equipment modifier on the roll, but can only inflict superficial damage. Let's you do disarms with a +4 without having the merit, or with a +6 if you have the merit.

Information: It was created sometime between 1938 and 1941.

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