Darth Vader

Nature: Seer Mage
Path: Obrimos
Ministry: Praetorian
Pylon: Evil Overlords
Position: Fourier/'Storeman' (deputy Quartermaster)
First Encountered: 2.1 "Loose Ends & Consequences"; Moriarty got the Ghost killing bullets from him.

Description: Darth. Vader.

Info: As the ''Storeman'' of the Prague Dominion, he is the person Moriarty can requisition his Ministry-sponsored equipment from.

Known to be something of an expert at using the various Telekinesis-effects that the Forces arcanum can do, but so far it's unclear whether or not he has a lightsaber.

Has an actual trap-door in the floor in front of the desk in his office, which (apparently) is used on minions and underlings when he or his guests need some catharsis, stress-relief, or are feeling bored. Seemed generous enough to offer Moriarty the pleasure of doing this to a minion the first time they met.


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