Cunning plans

There's no place like home

The purpose of this cunning plan is to make our sanctum more like a sanctum worhty of a seer pylon, with more surveilance and people with guns.

  1. Make sure that there is lot's of violence happening around the Hospital sanctum.
  2. Use whatever blackmail material we have or can get to make sure the Hospital hires the private security company Moriarty works for to do security for, and install more surveilance cameras covering both the hospital and the surrounding area.
  3. Somehow get access to and/or control over the surveilance and the security people.
  4. Employ a spirit of surveilance
  5. Stroke moustache, make menacing laugh.

Minor plans of cunning

  • Get either Nergal or 24601 or both pardoned.
  • Summon Neo from the matrix or make him posess us, sick him at the Pantechnicon
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