Copy Grimoire


The Mysterium p.48

The Mage can copy an existing grimoire without having learned the rotes it contains.

Arcanum: Prime ●●● + All Arcana required to cast the rote in question
Practice: Perfecting
Action: Extended (need 3 sux per arcanum dot involved)
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana per Arcanum dot required to cast the rote

The caster cannot alter the language, organization or basic appearance of the copy from the original except for a few minor deviations in materials and penmanship. Once the caster is finished, the new grimoire contains a copy of the targeted rote. The copy even retains any magical curses or safeguards contained in the original as long as those were part of a combined spell that created the original. The copy functions just as a standard grimoire.

This spell cannot copy a daimonomicon1.


Mysterium Rote: Illuminated Hand
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Craft + Prime

Mystagogues copy grimoires such as the Corpus Mysteriorum to pass on its knowledge and demonstrate their devotion to knowledge.

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