Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Thyrsus
Parent Order: Seers of the Throne
Arcana: Life (Primary), Mind (Secondary)
Nicknames: Swans, Mirror-Gazers (Derogatory)

Suggested Oblations: Sacrificing something dear to the Husk, maintaining a false identity beyond that of the Ideal.
Example Concepts: Frustrated Socialite, Would-be-Celebrity, Avenging Wallflower, Plastic Surgeon, Photoshoot Artist, Pin-up.


Develops 'Ideal' form & 'Husk' form. 1WP & roll Sta+G to become Ideal. At 0WP, becomes Husk.

1.Spreading the Wings: Get Ideal form, choose its appearance. Striking Looks 2, husk at -1 to Social
Mind 2: Get bonus dice = Mind dots to first adversarial social roll vs person met for the first time.

2.Perfection of Form: One physical attribute of Ideal permanent +1/Life, to usual max. Husk gets -1/2Life in same one, to min 1
Ideal also at Striking Looks 4, while Husk gets -2 on all Social rolls
Mind 3: One Mental attribt of Ideal permnt +1/Mind, up to usual max. Husk -1/2M to same, min 1

3.Pinnacle of Grace: Spend dots=Life on last 2phys attrbts, same as 2nd lvl.Striking looks 6, husk-3
Mind 4: Spend dots=Mind on the last 2 Mental attributes, following same rules as 2nd Attainment.


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