Who is a member:

The members of the pylon are the Executives, the Seers the Executives have allowed to join the Pylon and the people who the Pylon declare as their friends.

The high council/core members/Executives/Board of Directors are the leaders of the pylon. The Executiveshold the following positions: Voice, Eyes, Head, Soul and Heart. If a member holds more than one of those positions, they only count as one member of the Executives.

How the Executives takes decisions

Any decision taken by the Executives need a number of Executives supporting it. Decisions can be taken at any time and any place, and no prior warning need to be given. A member of the Executives need to be physically, mentally or magically present at the meeting to support a decision, and make it personally known to the other members that they support it. A member of the Executives must be of free will and cannot be magically controlled or influenced to support or not support a decision for their support to be valid.

  • All members of the Executives need to support motions to: change the charter, taking new seers into the pylon, promote a member to be one of the Executives.
  • All except one member of the Executives need to support motions to: Expel a member of the Pylon, demote a member of the Executives or give it a new position,
  • Two members of the Executives are needed to support motions to: declare emergencies, taking decisions regarding the rest of the pylon not covered by the above points.
  • A Executives is capable of taking decisions that fall under his job description alone, but should respect the wishes of the rest of the Executives unless he wish to be demoted.

What the Pylon takes responsibility for:

The pylon only takes responsibility for actions more than two members of the Executives have agreed on is Pylon business.


New members

New members need to perform an aptitude test decided on by the Executives to prove they are worthy members of the Pylon.

Member rights:

Executives rights

  • Right to vote: Can always vote on pylon decisions, as long as they are mentally, physically or magically present.
  • Right to protection:
  • Right to information necessary to accomplish your goals, as decided by the pylons eyes.


They are treated as equipment of the pylon, and protected as the pylons items would be. All friends are usually claimed by the Pylon member who took them into the Pylon, and so do not automatically fall under the authority of the Heart.

Member duties:

  • Do not steal, attack, harm or otherwise interfere with the assets, agents, equipment or belongings of other pylon members that you have been informed of.
  • Obey and respect the Executives’s decisions.
  • Protect other members of the pylon from attack (Exact circumstances for when this duty comes into effect should be defined)

Positions in the pylon:

Voice: Dian Cecht
The voice should be the one who speaks on behalf of the pylon to the seers. When speaking as the Voice, his words are sacred and are the official stance of the pylon on the matter. Er den som bestemmer hvem som kan snakke på vegne av pylonen.

Eyes: Orwell
The spymaster. He is the master of the Pylons knowledge and responsible for gathering it. He decides who the pylon should spy on both internally and externally, and can request help from the other members. He guards biological samples from the other pylon members to facilitate this. Since he is the master of the Pylon’s information, he is responsible for making sure that the pylon members have the information they need. Basically: Information gathering, control and coordination. He is Panopticon, So we are basically just making his spying official.
The eye is responsible for the Pylons lore, libraries and stores of information.1

Head: Moriarty
The advisor of the pylon. He will divine the future and guide the Pylon. In conflicts, his advice will lead the Pylon to victory, and protect it’s members, assets and resources from harm. His advice benefits the Pylon as a whole and should not be taken lightly. When investigating threats to the Pylon, he is given the resources and assistance he needs.

Heart: Maleficent
The mistress of the sanctum and Overseer of the Pylons resources. She is responsible for the security of the Sanctum and decides who is allowed to enter. The Heart is also responsible for maintaining the Pylons resources that haven’t been entrusted to other members, both magical and mundane, and makes sure her fellow Pylon members have the tools they need to succeed in their schemes.
The Heart is free to request help from the Pylons members when getting the resources the Pylon needs. She is free to delegate parts of her tasks to other Pylon members, but they can refuse.
In this case, Maleficent will delegate taking care of the Armory of the Pylon and it’s Enchanted items to Moriarty.

Soul: Maleficent
The Oracle, who consults the Exarchs advice and their blessing on behalf of the Pylon. Only a fool would disregard the Oracle’s visions.


Moriarty is Innocent and Not Guilty of any of the crimes he is accused of.

Orwell is the Pylon slut, and need to be free to sleep around.


Stuff that is going to be added to the charter.



  • Right of self defence: A Pylon member can always act to defend himself and his property from attacks, even if this might harm other pylon members or their property. This does not allow you to preempetively harm other pylon members or their property. This right should only be used defensively.


  • Right to demand compensation if the Executive or his belongings have been damaged by others. At least one other Exectutive need to agree for the claim to compensation to be valid. The Pylon is obligated to help the victim get his due, or apply other sanctions to the guilty party if compensation is impossible.


This section details how Property works in the Pylon, what is personal property, what is Pylon property, and what that entails. The Pylon will maintain a list that contain the property claimed by the pylon and it's members.

Personal Property

You are responsible for the actions and conduct of your personal property, and will be hold accountable for any misconduct, if you want them to be protected under the charter. To claim something as personal property, it is enough to announce your claim to the other Executives. If no one contests the claim, write the new property into the list of the Pylons property. If the claim is contested, the majority of the Executives decides which claim is true. To relinquish your claim on property, it is enough to announce this to the other Executives and later strike your claim from the list of Pylon property. Ownership claims can be contested by Executives at any point.

  • Things you are registered as the owner of in the Pyramid2
  • Your Familiar
  • Your family. biological, adopted and by marriage.
  • Significant other(s).
  • Political assets
  • Mundane, nonmagical property, as claimed by members.
  • Objects granted or borrowed to a Pylon member by the Pyramid or another seer for as long as the object remains with the Pylon.
  • The contents of your Oneiros.

Pylon Property

The Pylon property is the holiest of all property. Whoever damages it hurts all the pylon members, so it is not allowed. Things being kept in the Pylons Sanctum that have not been claimed as private property is the property of the Pylon.

  • The Pylons Sanctum
  • Grimoires
  • Artifacts, imbued items, enhanced items, chimerical items and other magical or supernal items that have been claimed by the Pylon, but is not registered with any single member.


Please write any comments, suggestions or other feedback to the charter here.

It becomes awkward to have Orwell be responsible for all lore if part of it is burned into Maleficent's head. Maybe have an archivist position.
Dian is opposed to let people claim the contents of their Oneiros as personal property
We should probably put something in the charter about harming other members.
Need to specify what it means to be property.

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