MIND-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Aura Perception 1 Wits + Emp Concentr View people's emotional states as colors
One Mind, Two Thoughts 1 Wits + Invest - Can perform 2 mental actions simultaneously
Emotional Urging 2 Man + Emp vs Com+G Alter the emotional state of others
Eyes of the Master 3 Com + Emp Extended Share all target's senses while focusing on it
Love Spell 4 Man + Soclz vs Com+G Make target love you & lust for you
SPACE-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Scrying 2 Wits+Inv-Symp Transitory See & hear target from afar
Apportation 2 Dex+Inv-Symp vs Com Teleport item of 1size/sux,max=best S.blessing
Monitor Sympathy 2 Wits + Invest - Know when target interacts with 1 sympthy link
Surveillance 3 Wits + Crafts Conc, 1M Sense everything in the familiar building you're in
FATE-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Interconnections 1 Wits + Invest Concentr Analyze link between seen subjects(Wits+Emp)
Perfect Moment 2 Wits + Occult - Know what to do in social situation to get result
Sense Str & Weakness 3 Int + Invest Lasting Learn group's best & worst competent in 1 task
Sanctify Oath 4 Man + Exp Lasting Make another's promise binding
Nature: Proximus Dynasty
Parent Path: Mastigos
Patron Group: Panopticon Ministry
Arcana: Mind, Space, Fate
Nicknames: Matronae, the Puppeteers, Orwellians
Character Concepts:

Curse: Don't have a Virtue, and any beneficial effect or power that needs a Virtue to operate fail to function on the character. Detrimental effects involving a subject's Virtue, however, treat their Vice as a ''Virtue'' for the result, provided this makes mechanical & logical sense (as far as supernatural is concerned, their most selfish & immoral personality trait is considered their best/noblest aspect). In addition, they do not regain WP from sleep, and to buy up Morality or Wisdom costs ×4 xp (not ×3)



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